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professional group; professionals Berufsgruppe {f}

professional groups Berufsgruppen {pl}

cultural professionals; those involved in culture; people engaged in the cultural sector Kulturschaffende {pl}

theatre people; theater people [Am.]; theatre professionals Theaterleute {pl}

health care professionals medizinisches Personal {n} [med.]

allied health professionals; allied health personnel paramedizinisches Personal {n} [med.]

bank clerk; stock market clerk; banking professional [listen] Bankkaufmann {m}; Bankkauffrau {f}

bank clerks; stock market clerks; banking professionals Bankkaufmänner {pl}; Bankkauffrauen {pl}

fellow professional Berufskollege {m}; Berufskollegin {f} (in den freien Berufen)

fellow professionals Berufskollegen {pl}; Berufskolleginnen {pl}

skilled employee; professional; specialist [listen] [listen] Fachkraft {f} [adm.]

skilled employees; skilled personnel; professionals; specialists Fachkräfte {pl}; Fachpersonal {n}

health promotion professional Fachkraft für Gesundheitsförderung

skilled electrician; qualified electrician Elektrofachkraft {f}

health care professional; healthcare professional Gesundheitsfachkraft {f}; Angehöriger {m} eines Gesundheitsberufes [med.]

health care professionals; healthcare professionals Gesundheitsfachkräfte {pl}; Angehörige {pl} eines Gesundheitsberufes

occupational healthcare professional Arbeitsmediziner {m}

legal practitioner; legal professional; member of the legal profession Jurist {m} (als Beruf); Angehöriger {m} eines Rechtsberufs [jur.]

legal practitioners; legal professionals; members of the legal profession Juristen {pl}; Angehörige {pl} eines Rechtsberufs

paralegal angestellter Jurist

jurist [Am.] Volljurist {m} [Dt.]

to work in the legal profession als Jurist arbeiten

to enter the legal profession Jurist werden

medical practitioner; medical professional; member of the medical profession Mediziner {m}; Medizinerin {f}

medical practitioners; medical professionals; members of the medical profession Mediziner {pl}; Medizinerinnen {pl}

professional; pro [listen] [listen] Profi {m}

professionals; pros Profis {pl}

cycling professional; professional cyclist Radprofi {m}

to turn professional Profi werden