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portions Teil {m}; Abschnitt {m}; Anteil {m} [listen] [listen] [listen]

portions Teile {pl}; Abschnitte {pl}; Anteile {pl} [listen]

Easily divided into individual portions. (food labelling) Portionierbar (Lebensmittelkennzeichnung) [cook.]

in portions; in helpings portionsweise {adv}

coupon; counterfoil [Br.]; stub [Am.]; tear-off slip; detachable portion [listen] Abrissabschnitt {m}; Abriss {m}; abtrennbarer Abschnitt {m}; Abschnitt {m} zum Abtrennen; Abrisscoupon {m} [Dt.] [Schw.]; Coupon {m} [Dt.] [Schw.]; Abrisskupon {m} [Ös.]; Kupon {m} [Ös.]; Talon {m} [Schw.]; Abrisszettel {m} [ugs.]

coupons; counterfoils; stubs; tear-off slips; detachable portions Abrissabschnitte {pl}; Abrisse {pl}; abtrennbare Abschnitte {pl}; Abschnitte {pl} zum Abtrennen; Abrisscoupons {pl}; Coupons {pl}; Abrisskupons {pl}; Kupons {pl}; Talons {pl}; Abrisszettel {pl}

portion [listen] Anteil {m}; Teil {m}; Beitrag {m} [listen] [listen] [listen]

portions Anteile {pl}; Teile {pl}; Beiträge {pl} [listen]

milled-out portion; milled edge Ausfräsung {f} [techn.]

milled-out portions; milled edges Ausfräsungen {pl}

share in the estate [Br.]/ inheritance [Am.]; portion of the estate [Br.]/ inheritance [Am.]; inherited portion Erbanteil {m}; Erbteil {m,n} [jur.]

shares in the estate / inheritance; portions of the estate / inheritance; inherited portions Erbanteile {pl}; Erbteile {pl}

statutory portion of the deceased's [Br.]/descendant's [Am.] estate; intestate share; share under an intestacy; distributive share [Am.] gesetzlicher/gesetzliches Erbteil

to claim your intestate share seinen gesetzlichen Erbteil geltend machen

to give credit for the portion already received; to bring into hotchpot sums alrady advanced [Br.]; to deduct advancements from your share in the estate Vorausempfänge auf den Erbteil anrechnen

mass portion Massenanteil {m}

mass portions Massenanteile {pl}

portion; helping; serving [listen] [listen] [listen] Portion {f} (beim Essen) [cook.]

portions; helpings; servings Portionen {pl}

a small portion eine kleine Portion

This is his third serving of potato chips. Das ist jetzt schon seine dritte Portion Pommes frites.

Is it be possible (for me/him/her) to have a children's portion / child's portion? Ist es möglich, eine Kinderportion zu bekommen?

generous; bountiful (of a thing) [listen] großzügig (bemessen); üppig {adj} (Sache) [listen]

a generous donation eine großzügige Spende

a bountiful harvest eine reiche Ernte

to serve generous portions großzügige Portionen servieren

to be not very generous knapp bemessen sein

to measure sth. etw. messen {vt} (das Maß bestimmen) [math.] [techn.]

measuring [listen] messend

measured [listen] gemessen [listen]

you measure du misst (mißt [alt])

he/she measures [listen] er/sie misst (mißt [alt])

I/he/she measured [listen] ich/er/sie maß

he/she has/had measured er/sie hat/hatte gemessen

I/he/she would measure ich/er/sie mäße

measure! [listen] miss! (miß [alt])

to remeasure sth. etw. neu messen

Direct voltage portions are not concurrently measured. Gleichspannungsanteile werden nicht mitgemessen.
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