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oxide shedding (magnetic tape) Eisenoxidabgabe {f} (Magnetband)

oxide of carbon; carbon oxide Kohlenstoffoxid {n} [chem.]

oxide Oxid {n}; Oxyd {n} [alt]; Oxid... [chem.]

high oxide höheres Oxid

oxide layer Oxidschicht {f} [chem.]

barium oxide; barium monoxide; barium protoxide; calcined baryta /BaO/ Bariumoxid {n}; Baryterde {f} [chem.]

barium oxide cathode Bariumoxidkathode {f}

chromic oxide Chrom(III)-oxid {n} [chem.]

chromium iron oxide Chrom-Eisen-Oxid {n} /FeCr2O4/ [chem.]

chromium oxide green Chromoxidgrün {n} [chem.]

colcothar; red iron oxide Colcothar {m}; rotes Eisenoxid {n}; Eisenoxidrot {n} [chem.]

deuterium oxide; heavy water Deuteriumoxid {n}; schweres Wasser {n}; Schwerwasser {n} [chem.]

dispersion (of oxide particles in a metal base) [listen] Einlagerung {f} (von Oxidteilchen) [chem.]

ferrosoferric oxide; black iron oxide; magnetic iron oxide Eisen-2,3-oxid {n}; Eisen(II,III)-oxid {n}; Eisenoxyduloxyd {n} [obs.] [chem.]

iron oxide Eisenoxid {n}; Eisenoxyd {n} (veraltet) [chem.]

iron oxides Eisenoxide {pl}

ferrous oxide Eisen-2-Oxid {n}; Eisen(II)oxid {n}; Ferrooxid {n} [obs.]; Eisenoxydul {n} [obs.] [chem.]

ferric oxide; ferric trioxide (rare) Eisen-3-oxid {n}; Eisen(III)-oxid {n}; Eisen(III)-oxyd {n} (veraltet); Ferrichlorid {n} [obs.] /Fe2O3/

colouring oxide Farboxid {n}

hydrogen-deuterium oxide; semiheavy water Hydrodeuteriumoxid {n}; halbschweres Wasser {n} [chem.]

calcium oxide Kalziumoxid {n}; Kalk {m}

copper oxide Kupferoxid {n} [chem.]

laughing gas; nitrous oxide; dinitrogen oxide; nitrogen monoxide; nitrogen(I) oxide [listen] Lachgas {n}; Distickstoffoxid {n}; Distickstoff-Monoxid {n}; Stickstoff(I)-Oxid (N2O) [chem.] [pharm.]

manganese oxide Manganoxid {n} [chem.]

phosgene; carbonyl dichloride; carbon dichloride oxide; carbon oxychloride (warfare agent) Phosgen {n}; Kohlenoxychlorid {n}; Kohlenoxiddichlorid {n}; Carbonylchlorid (Kampfstoff) [chem.]

red oxide of iron; bloodstone; oligiste Roteisenstein {m}; roter Hämatit {m} [chem.]

nitrogen acid anhydride; dinitrogen pentoxide; nitrogen pentoxide; nitrogen(V)oxide Salpetersäureanhydrid {n}; Distickstoffpentoxid {n} (N2O2) [chem.]

nitrogen(V) oxide; nitrogen/dinitrogen pentoxide; nitrogen acid anhydride Stickstoff(V)-Oxid {n}; Distickstoffpentoxid {n} /N2O5/ [chem.]

nitric oxide; dinitrogen oxide; nitrogen(II) oxide /NO/ Stickstoffmonoxid {n}; Stickstoff(II)-Oxid {n} /NO/ [chem.]

nitrogen oxide /NOx/ Stickstoffoxid {n}; Stickoxid {n} /NOx/ [chem.]

nitrogen oxides Stickstoffoxide {pl}; Stickoxide {pl}

nitrogen oxide emission Stickstoffoxidemission {f} [envir.]

tributyl tin oxide /TBTO/ Tributyl-Zinnoxid {n} /TBTO/ [chem.]

tritium oxide; tritiated water; super-heavy water Tritiumoxid {n}; überschweres Wasser {n} [chem.]

uranous-uranic oxide Triuranoktoxid {n} (U3O8); Triuranoctoxid {n}; Uran(IV,VI)-oxid {n} [chem.]

uranous oxide ballast resistance Urdoxwiderstand {m} [electr.]

zinc oxide Zinkoxid {n}; Zinkoxyd {n} [chem.]

zinc oxide layer Zinkoxidschicht {f}

zinc paste; zinc oxide paste Zinkpaste {f}

zinc oxide ointment; zinc ointment Zinksalbe {f} [med.]

tin dioxide; tin(IV) oxide; stannic oxide; stannic anhydride; tin peroxide Zinndioxid {n}; Zinn(IV)-oxid {n} (SnO2) [chem.]

quicklime; caustic lime; unslaked lime; calcium oxide Branntkalk {m}; Ätzkalk {m}; ungelöschter Kalk {m}; Calciumoxid {n}

aluminum oxide [Am.]; aluminium oxide Aluminiumoxid {n} [chem.]

ore capping; oxidized capping; iron hat; (rusty) gossan; ironstone blow; oxide of iron Eisener Hut {m} [min.]

zincite; spartalite; red oxide of zinc Zinkit {m} [min.]

Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductors /CMOS/ komplementäre Metalloxid-Halbleiter /CMOS/

bismuth chloride oxide Bismutchloridoxid {n} [chem.]

ethylene oxide; oxirane Ethylenoxid; Oxiran {n} [chem.]

trioctylphosphine oxide /TOPO/ Trioctylphosphinoxid {n} /TOPO/ [chem.]

aluminium oxide ceramics Aluminiumoxidkeramik {pl} [chem.]

aluminium oxide rods Aluminiumoxidstangen {pl} [techn.]

antimony oxide Antimonoxid {n} [chem.]

ether [listen] Äther {m}; Ether {m} [chem.] [pharm.]

ethyl ether; diethyl ether; diethyl oxidee; ethyl oxide; sulfuric ether Ethylether; Äthyläther; Diethyläther; Diethylether

glycol ether Glykoläther {m}; Glykolether {m}

mixed ether Mischäther {m}; Mischether {m}

anaesthetic ether [Br.]; anesthetic ether [Am.] Narkoseäther {m}; Narkoseether {m}; Anästhesieäther {m}; Anästhesieether {m}

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