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multi-purpose; all duty; all-purpose [listen] [listen] Allzweck...; Mehrzweck...; Universal...

multi-purpose oil; multi-grade oil Mehrbereichsöl {n} [techn.]

multi-purpose vehicle /MPV/; multipurpose truck Mehrzweckfahrzeug {n}

multi-purpose vehicles; multipurpose trucks Mehrzweckfahrzeuge {pl}

multi-purpose research reactor Mehrzweck-Forschungsreaktor {m} [techn.]

multi-purpose research reactors Mehrzweck-Forschungsreaktoren {pl}

multi-purpose lathe Mehrzweckdrehbank {f}; Mehrzweckdrehmaschine {f} [techn.]

multi-purpose lathes Mehrzweckdrehbänke {pl}; Mehrzweckdrehmaschinen {pl}

multi-purpose carrier; multi-purpose freighter Mehrzweckfrachter {m} [naut.]

multi-purpose carriers; multi-purpose freighters Mehrzweckfrachter {pl}

multi-purpose chock Mehrzweck-Klüse {f} [naut.]

multi-purpose chocks Mehrzweck-Klüsen {pl}

multi-purpose machine tool Mehrzweckmaschine {f}

multi-purpose machine tools Mehrzweckmaschinen {pl}

multi-purpose room Mehrzweckraum {m}

multi-purpose rooms Mehrzweckräume {pl}

multi-purpose tyre /MPT/ Mehrzweckreifen {n} [auto]

multi-purpose tyres Mehrzweckreifen {pl}

multi-purpose hall Mehrzwecksaal {m}

multi-purpose halls Mehrzwecksäle {pl}

multi-purpose supplier (ship) Mehrzweckversorger {m} (Schiff) [naut.]

multi-purpose suppliers Mehrzweckversorger {pl}

multi-purpose (e.g. tools) [listen] universell {adj} (z. B. Werkzeug)

all-purpose tissue; multi-purpose cloth Allzwecktuch {n}

all-purpose tissues; multi-purpose cloths Allzwecktücher {pl}

helicopter; chopper [coll.]; copter [Am.] [coll.]; eggbeater [Am.] [coll.]; whirlybird [Am.] [coll.] [listen] Hubschrauber {m}; Helikopter {m}; Hubi {m} [ugs.]; Heli {m} [ugs.] [aviat.]

helicopters; choppers; copters; eggbeaters; whirlybirds Hubschrauber {pl}; Helikopter {pl}; Hubis {pl}; Helis {pl}

advanced blade concept helicopter; ABC helicopter ABC-Hubschrauber {m}

ambulance helicopter Ambulanzhubschrauber {m} [med.]

amphibian helicopter Amphibienhubschrauber {m}; Amphibienhelikopter {m}

attack helicopter Angriffshubschrauber {m} [mil.]

light observation helicopter /LOH/ leichter Beobachtungshubschrauber {m} [mil.]

combat helicopter Kampfhubschrauber {m} [mil.]

naval helicopter; navy helicopter Marinehubschrauber {m}

multi-purpose helicopter Mehrzweck-Hubschrauber {m}

rescue helicopter; air ambulance Rettungshubschrauber {m}; Rettungstransporthubschrauber {m} /RTH/; Notarzthubschrauber {m} [Ös.] [med.]

medevac helicopter [Am.]; medivac chopper [Am.] [coll.] Sanitätshubschrauber {m} [mil.]

rescue transport helicopter /RTH/ Seenothubschrauber {m}; SAR-Hubschrauber {m}

transport helicopter; cargo helicopter Transporthubschrauber {m} [transp.]

assault helicopter Transporthubschrauber für Luftlandeoperationen [mil.]

heavy-lift helicopter schwerer Transporthubschrauber

limousine; limo; saloon car [Br.]; saloon [Br.]; sedan [Am.] [listen] Limousine {f} [auto]

limousines; limos; saloon cars; sedans Limousinen {pl}

five-door sedan Limousine in Schrägheckausführung

minivan [Am.]; people carrier [Br.]; multi-purpose vehicle /MPV/; multi-utility vehicle /MUV/ Großraumlimousine {f}; Großraum-Van {m}

compact MPV Kompaktvan {m}

mini MPV Minivan {m}

radar unit; radar station Radaranlage {f}; Radarstation {f}

radar units; radar stations Radaranlagen {pl}; Radarstationen {pl}

multi-purpose radar unit Mehrzweckradaranlage {f}

gap-filler radar unit; gap filler Radaranlage zur Abdeckung von Erfassungslücken

breed [listen] Zucht {f}; Rasse {f} [agr.] [zool.]

animal breed Tierrasse {f}

breed of horses Zuchtpferde {pl}; Gestüt {n}

one-purpose breed Einnutzungsrasse {f}

dual-purpose breed Zweinutzungsrasse {f}

triple-purpose breed Dreinutzungsrasse {f}

multi-purpose breed Mehrnutzungsrasse {f}
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