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to mourn after sb./sth.; to shed/waste a tear for/over/about sb./sth. jdm./etw. nachweinen {vi}

to grieve; to mourn [listen] [listen] trauern {vi} [psych.]

grieving; mourning [listen] trauernd

grieved; mourned getrauert

grieves; mourns trauert

grieved; mourned trauerte

the grieving widow; the mourning widow die trauernde Witwe

to grieve; to mourn; to sorrow [formal] for/over sb./sth.; to mourn sb./sth. [listen] [listen] [listen] über jdn./etw. trauern {vi}; jdn./etw. betrauern [geh.]; etw. beklagen [poet.] {vt}

grieving; mourning; sorrowing [listen] trauernd; betrauernd; beklagend

grieved; mourned; sorrowed getrauert; betrauert; beklagt

to mourn the loss of your youth den Verlust seiner Jugend betrauern/beklagen

They are grieving for/over their mother; They are grieving for/over their mother's death.; They are mourning their mother / their mother's death.; They are sorrowing over the loss of their mother. Sie trauern um ihre Mutter.; Sie betrauern ihre Mutter; Sie betrauern den Tod/Verlust ihrer Mutter.; Sie beklagen den Tod/Verlust ihrer Mutter.