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etching mask Ätzmaske {f}

etching masks Ätzmasken {pl}

breathing mask; respirator mask; respirator Atemschutzmaske {f}; Atemmaske {f}

breathing masks; respirator masks; respirators Atemschutzmasken {pl}; Atemmasken {pl}

medical mask; surgical mask; procedure mask Mund-Nase-Maske {f}; Mund-Nasenschutz {m}; OP-Gesichtsmaske {f}

particle-filtering half mask; filtering facepiece mask; FFP mask; fine particle mask Partikelfiltermaske {f}; partikelfilternde Halbmaske {f}; Feinstaubmaske {f}

edit mask Ausgabemaske {f}

edit masks Ausgabemasken {pl}

authorization mask; authorisation mask [Br.] Berechtigungsmaske {f}

authorization masks; authorisation masks Berechtigungsmasken {pl}

screen mask Bildschirmmaske {f} [comp.]

screen masks Bildschirmmasken {pl}

bit mask Bitmaske {f} [comp.]

bit masks Bitmasken {pl}

(emergency escape) smoke hood; fire emergency mask Brandfluchthaube {f}; Brandfluchtmaske {f}; Brandschutzhaube {f}; Brandschutzmaske {f}

smoke hoods; fire emergency masks Brandfluchthauben {pl}; Brandfluchtmasken {pl}; Brandschutzhauben {pl}; Brandschutzmasken {pl}

opening mask; input mask; data entry mask; entry mask; data entry form; entry form Eingabemaske {f}; Einstiegsmaske {f}; Datenerfassungsmaske {f} [comp.]

opening masks; input masks; data entry masks; entry masks; data entry forms; entry forms Eingabemasken {pl}; Einstiegsmasken {pl}; Datenerfassungsmasken {pl}

fencing mask (fencing) Fechtmaske {f} (Fechten) [sport]

fencing masks Fechtmasken {pl}

error report mask Fehlerreportmaske {f}

error report masks Fehlerreportmasken {pl}

moisturising mask [Br.]; moisturizing mask [Am.] (cosmetics) Feuchtigkeitsmaske {f} (Kosmetik)

moisturising masks; moisturizing masks Feuchtigkeitsmasken {pl}

gas mask Gasmaske {f}

gas masks Gasmasken {pl}

face mask; mask [listen] Gesichtsmaske {f}; Maske {f}

face masks; masks Gesichtsmasken {pl}; Masken {pl}

protective face mask Gesichtsschutzmaske {f}

mouth-and-nose mask; surgical mask Mund-Nasen-Maske {f}; Hygienemaske {f}; Mund-Nasen-Schutz {m}; Mundschutz {m}; Operationsmaske {f}

to breathe oxygen through a face mask über eine Gesichtsmaske Sauerstoff einatmen

face mask; mask; false face (as a disguise) [listen] Gesichtsmaske {f}; Maske {f}; Larve {f} [veraltet] (Gesichtsnachbildung zur Verkleidung)

face masks; masks; false faces Gesichtsmasken {pl}; Masken {pl}; Larven {pl}

face mask; face pack [Br.]; facial pack [Br.] (cosmetics) Gesichtsmaske {f}; Gesichtspackung {f} (Kosmetik)

face masks; face packs; facial packs Gesichtsmasken {pl}; Gesichtspackungen {pl}

to apply a face mask/pack eine Gesichtsmaske auftragen

shadow mask Lochmaske {f}

shadow masks Lochmasken {pl}

mask; face mask (to make your face unrecognizable) [listen] Maske {f}; Gesichtsmaske {f} (zum Unkenntlichmachen des Gesichts)

masks; face masks Masken {pl}; Gesichtsmasken {pl}

stocking mask Strumpfmaske {f}

mask [listen] Maske {f}; feste Bitgruppe {f} [comp.]

masks Masken {pl}; feste Bitgruppen {pl}

menu mask; menu display Menümaske {f}; Menüanzeige {f} [comp.]

menu masks; menu displays Menümasken {pl}; Menüanzeigen {pl}

face mask for anaesthesia [Br.]/anesthesia [Am.]; anaesthetic mask [Br.]; anesthetic mask [Am.] Narkosemaske {f} [med.]

face masks for anaesthesia/anesthesia; anaesthetic masks; anesthetic masks Narkosemasken {pl}

Schimmelbusach's mask for anaesthesia/anesthesia Schimmelbusch'sche Narkosemaske

net mask Netzmaske {f} [telco.] [comp.]

net masks Netzmasken {pl}

small oxygen mask; breathing mask Sauerstoffmaske {f}

small oxygen masks; breathing masks Sauerstoffmasken {pl}

non-rebreather mask Hochkonzentrationsmaske {f}

oxygen mask Sauerstoffvollmaske {f}; Sauerstoffmaske {f}

oxygen masks Sauerstoffvollmasken {pl}; Sauerstoffmasken {pl}

sleep mask Schlafmaske {f}; Schlafbrille {f}; Nachtmaske {f}

sleep masks Schlafmasken {pl}; Schlafbrillen {pl}; Nachtmasken {pl}

protective mask Schutzmaske {f}

protective masks Schutzmasken {pl}

spit hood; mesh hood; spit guard; spit mask (for spitting attackers) Spuckschutzhaube {f}; Spuckhaube {f}; Spuckschutz {m}; Spuckmaske {f} (für spuckende Angreifer)

spit hoods; mesh hoods; spit guards; spit masks Spuckschutzhauben {pl}; Spuckhauben {pl}; Spuckschutze {pl}; Spuckmasken {pl}

dust mask Staubschutzmaske {f}; Staubmaske {f}

dust masks Staubschutzmasken {pl}; Staubmasken {pl}

aperture grille; aperture grill; tension mask Streifenmaske {f}

aperture grilles; aperture grills; tension masks Streifenmasken {pl}

balaclava helmet; balaclava; ski mask Sturmhaube {f}; Kopfmaske {f}; Sturmmaske {f} (aus Stoff) [textil.]

balaclava helmets; balaclavas; ski masks Sturmhauben {pl}; Kopfmasken {pl}; Sturmmasken {pl}

search mask Suchmaske {f}

search masks Suchmasken {pl}

death mask Totenmaske {f}

death masks Totenmasken {pl}

wearing requirement; mandatory wearing of sth.; compulsory wearing of sth. Tragepflicht {f}

wearing requirement for helmets; helmet wearing requirement; mandatory wearing of helmets; mandatory helmet wearing; compulsory wearing of helmets Helmtragepflicht {f}; Helmpflicht {f}

mask-wearing requirement; mandatory wearing of protective masks; compulsory mask wearing Maskentragepflicht {f}; Schutzmaskenpflicht {f}; Maskenpflicht {f}

to mask [listen] abkleben {vt}

masking abklebend

masked abgeklebt

masks klebt ab

masked klebte ab

to mask a window (before painting) (vor dem Streichen) ein Fenster abkleben
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