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lute Laute {f} [mus.]

lutes Lauten {pl}

bow lute Bogenlaute {f}

long-necked lute Langhalslaute {f}

to play (on) the lute Laute spielen

to lute kitten; abdichten; dichten {vt}

luting kittend; abdichtend; dichtend

luted gekittet; abgedichtet; gedichtet

cement; putty; lute Kitt {m}

window putty Fensterkitt {m}

glazier's putty; bedding putty Glaserkitt {m}

piano pedal Klavierpedal {n} [mus.]

piano pedals Klavierpedale {pl}

sustaining pedal; damper pedal Fortepedal {n}

soft pedal; una corda pedal Leisepedal {n}; Pianopedal {n}

moderator pedal; lute pedal Moderatorpedal {n}

sostenuto pedal Tonhaltepedal {n}