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to louse lausen {vt}

lousing lausend

loused gelaust

louses laust

loused lauste

louse Laus {f} [zool.]

lice Läuse {pl}

louse flies; keds (zoological family) Lausfliegen {pl} (Hippoboscidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

louse [coll.] Lumpenhund {m} [ugs.]; gemeiner Kerl

pear louse Birnsauger {m} (Psylla pyri) [bot.]

crab lice; pubic lice Filzläuse {pl}; Schamläuse {pl}; Sackratten {pl}

clothes louse Kleiderlaus {f} [zool.]

clothes lice Kleiderläuse {pl}

head louse Kopflaus {m} [zool.]

head lice Kopfläuse {pl}

sea louse Seelaus {f} [zool.]

sea lice Seeläuse {pl}

stone louse (cartoon character) Steinlaus {f} (Zeichentrickfigur)

stone lice Steinläuse {pl}

louse-ridden; infested with lice; full of lice verlaust {adj}

aphid; plant louse Blattlaus {f} [biol.] [zool.]

aphids; plant lice Blattläuse {pl}

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