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baguette; French stick; French loaf; French bread [Am.] Baguette {n}; französisches Brot [cook.]

baguettes; French sticks; French loaves; French breads Baguettes {pl}

cheese baguette Käsebaguette {n}

garlic baguette Knoblauchbaguette {n}

onion baguette Zwiebelbaguette {n}

plaited loaf; yeast plait; yeast braid Hefezopf {m}; Zopf {m}; Germstriezel {m} [Ös.]; Striezel {m} [Ös.]; Brioche {m} [Ös.]; Züpfe {f} [Schw.] [cook.]

plaited loaves; yeast plaits; yeast braids Hefezöpfe {pl}; Zöpfe {pl}; Germstriezel {pl}; Striezel {pl}; Briochen {pl}; Züpfen {pl}

tin loaf Kastenbrot {n} [cook.]

tin loaves Kastenbrote {pl}

loaf [listen] Laib {m}

loaves Laibe {pl}

loaf of bread Laib Brot {m}; Brotlaib {m}

loaves of bread Brotlaibe {pl}

cob [Br.] [listen] runder Brotlaib

sugar loaf Zuckerhut {m}

sugar loaves Zuckerhüte {pl}