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21 results for ligament | ligament
Word division: Li·ga·ment
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ligament [listen] Band {n}; Ligament {n}; Ligamentum {n} [anat.] [listen]

ligaments Bänder {pl}; Ligamente {pl}

ligament of the uterus; ligament of the womb Mutterband {n} [anat.]

broad ligament of the uterus; mesodesma breites Mutterband (Ligamentum latum uteri)

round ligament of the uterus rundes Mutterband (Ligamentum teres uteri)

ligament strain; pulled ligament Bänderdehnung {f}; Bänderzerrung {f} [med.]

cruciate knee ligament; cruciate ligament (of the knee) Kreuzband {n} [anat.]

cruciate knee ligaments; cruciate ligaments Kreuzbänder {pl}

anterior cruciate ligament vorderes Kreuzband

posterior cruciate ligament hinteres Kreuzband

cruciate ligament of the atlas Kreuzband des Atlas

palpebral ligament Augenlidband {n}; Lidband {n} (Ligamentum palpebrale) [anat.]

palpebral ligaments Augenlidbänder {pl}; Lidbänder {pl}

medial palpebral ligament; canthal palpebral ligament mittleres Lidband; mediales Lidband

laterial palpebral ligament seitliches Lidband; laterales Lidband

vocal cord; vocal chord [rare]; vocal fold; vocal ligament; phonatory band; phonocorda Stimmband {n} [anat.]

vocal cords; vocal chords; vocal folds; vocal ligaments; phonatory bands; phonocordas Stimmbänder {pl}

false vocal cord; vestibular fold falsches Stimmband

torn ligament Bänderriss {m} [med.]

pulled ligament Bänderzerrung {f} [med.]

transverse ligament of the foot Fußwurzelband {n} [anat.]

transverse ligaments of the foot Fußwurzelbänder {pl}

anterior malleal ligament; anterior ligament of the malleus vorderes Hammerband {n} [med.]

partial tear of the cruciate ligament Kreuzbandeinriss {m}; Kreuzbandanriss {m} [med.]

cruciate ligament rupture Kreuzbandriss {m} [med.]

cruciate ligament ruptures Kreuzbandrisse {pl}

inguinal ligament; Poupart's ligament Leistenband {n} [anat.]

inguinal falx; conjoint tendon; Henle's ligament Leistensichel {f} [anat.]

cricothyroid ligament; cricothyroid membrane Ligamentum Conicum {n}; Ligamentum Cricothyroideum {n} [anat.]

nuchal ligament Nackenband {n} [anat.]

periodontal ligament space; PDL space; periodontal space Paradontalspalt {m} [anat.]

periodontal ligament /PDL/; periodontal fibre [Br.]/fiber [Am.] Parodontal-Ligament {n} /PDL/ [anat.]

acromioclavicular ligament; AC ligament Schulter-Schlüsselbein-Band {n} (Ligamentum acromioclaviculare) [anat.]

apical dental (odontoid) ligament Spitzenband {n} [anat.]

tooth root membrane; root membrane; periodontal ligament; odontoperiosteum; pericementum Zahnwurzelhaut {f}; Wurzelhaut {f}; Periodontium {n}; Perizementum {n} [med.]
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