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lifting means; lifting accessories; sling means; sling gear; slings (hoisting) Anschlagmittel {pl} (Hebetechnik)

lifting mechanism Aufhängeeinrichtung {f}

lifting rig Auftrieb {m}; Segelauftrieb {m} [naut.]

lifting nut Bügelmutter {f}

lifting nuts Bügelmuttern {pl}

lifting system Hebeanlage {f}

lifting systems Hebeanlagen {pl}

lifting platform; lifting stage; platform lift Hebebühne {f} [techn.]

lifting platforms; lifting stages; platform lifts Hebebühnen {pl}

lifting device Hebevorrichtung {f}; Hebelift {m}; Hebegerät {n} [techn.]

lifting devices Hebevorrichtungen {pl}; Hebelifte {pl}; Hebegeräte {pl}

lifting gear; lifting equipment Hebezeug {n}; Hebegeschirr {n} [techn.]

lifting bar; leash box (jacquard) Hebezeug {n} (Jacquard) [textil.]

lifting eye; lifting eyebolt Heißöse {f}

lifting conveyor Hubförderer {m} [techn.]

lifting conveyors Hubförderer {pl}

lifting force Hubkraft {f}

lifting forces Hubkräfte {pl}

lifting magnet; hoisting magnet; crane magnet Hubmagnet {m}

lifting magnets; hoisting magnets; crane magnets Hubmagnete {pl}

lifting and inclining station Hubneigestation {f} [techn.]

lifting and inclining stations Hubneigestationen {pl}

lifting screw Hubschnecke {f}; Schneckenförderer {m} [techn.]

lifting screws Hubschnecken {pl}; Schneckenförderer {pl}

lifting cylinder (hydraulic system) Hubzylinder {m} (Hydraulik) [techn.]

lifting cylinders Hubzylinder {pl}

lifting loading ramp Klappbrücke {f} (Bahn)

lifting loading ramps Klappbrücken {pl}

lifting strap Krangurt {m}

lifting straps Krangurte {pl}

lifting eye nut Ringmutter {f} [techn.]

lifting eye nuts Ringmuttern {pl}

lifting screw Ringschraube {f} [techn.]

lifting screws Ringschrauben {pl}

lifting capacity Tragkraft {f}; Tragfähigkeit {f}

lifting beam Traverse {f} (als Lastaufnahmemittel)

lifting movement; stroke movement Hubbewegung {f}

lifting cylinder Hubzylinder {m} [techn.]

lifting tool Hebewerkzeug {n}

lifting cost Förderkosten {pl}

forklift; forklift truck; (powered) lift/lifting truck [listen] [listen] Gabelstapler {m}; Stapler {m}; Flurförderfahrzeug {n} [techn.]

forklifts; forklift trucks; lift/lifting trucks Gabelstapler {pl}; Stapler {pl}; Flurförderfahrzeuge {pl}

front-end forklift truck Frontgabelstapler {m}

counterbalance forklift truck Gegengewichtsgabelstapler {m}

forklift reach truck; reach forklift truck Schubmast-Gabelstapler {m}

articulated forklift truck Schwenkgabelstapler {m}

reach forklift; telescopic handler; telehandler; teleporter Teleskoparmstapler {m}; Teleskopstapler {m}; Teleskoplader {m}

block and tackle; hand pulley block; lifting block; set of pulleys Flaschenzug {m}

blocks and tackles; hand pulley blocks; lifting blocks; sets of pulleys Flaschenzüge {pl}

chain pulley block; chain block; chain hoist Kettenflaschenzug {m}; Kettenzug {m}

pulley block with one fixed pulley only Potenzflaschenzug {m}

car lifting platform; car lift (car repair shop) Kfz-Hebebühne {f} (Kfz-Werkstatt) [auto]

car lifting platforms; car lifts Kfz-Hebebühnen {pl}

scissor lift Scherenbühne {f}

trace lifting (forensics) Spurenabnahme {f} (Kriminaltechnik)

electrostatic lifting Spurenabnahme mit elektrostatischer Folie

gelatine lifting; gel lifting Spurenabnahme mit Gelatinefolie

bed lifting pole; bed gallows Bettgalgen {m} [med.]

brake lifting device Bremslüfter {m} [techn.]

brake lifting path Bremslüftweg {m} [techn.]

brush-lifting and short-circuiting device Bürstenabhebe- und Kurzschlussvorrichtung {f} [electr.]

brush-lifting device; brush lifter Bürstenabhebevorrichtung {f} [electr.]

brush-lifting devices; brush lifters Bürstenabhebevorrichtungen {pl}

container spreader (lifting device) Containergeschirr {n}; Containerspreader {m} (Hebezeug) [transp.]

electric lifting truck Elektrohubwagen {m}

electric lifting trucks Elektrohubwagen {pl}

face lifting; face-lift; facelift Gesichtsstraffung {f}; Facelifting {n}

ti have a facelift sich liften lassen

weightlifting Gewichtheben {n} [sport]

lift; lifting [listen] [listen] Heben {n}; Hebung {f}; Hochziehen {n}

hoisting speed; lifting speed Hubgeschwindigkeit {f}

height of lift; lifting height Hubhöhe {f}

lift table; lifter table; lifting table; elevating platform Hubtisch {m} [techn.]

lift tables; lifter tables; lifting tables; elevating platforms Hubtische {pl}

latent print lifting tape (forensics) Rollenfolie {f} für die Spurenabnahme (Kriminaltechnik)

top-lifting harvester; topper-lifter Sammelköpfer {m} [agr.]

vacuum lifting tool Saugheber {m}

vacuum lifting tools Saugheber {pl}

scissor lifting table Scherenhebetisch {m} [techn.]

scissor lifting tables Scherenhebetische {pl}

scissors lifting system Scherenhubsystem {n} [techn.]

scissors lifting systems Scherenhubsysteme {pl}

spindle lifting table Spindel-Hebetisch {m} [techn.]

spindle lifting tables Spindel-Hebetische {pl}

pillar lifting table Ständerbühne {f} [techn.]

pillar lifting tables Ständerbühnen {pl}

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