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16 results for lids
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closure lid Abschlussscheibe {f} [techn.]

closure lids Abschlussscheiben {pl}

eyelid; lid; palpebra; blepharon [listen] Augenlid {n}; Lid {n}; Palpebra {f}; Augendeckel {m} [ugs.] [anat.]

eyelids; lids Augenlider {pl}; Lider {pl}; Augendeckel {pl}

to flicker an eyelid mit dem Augenlid zucken

lid; cover [listen] [listen] Deckel {m} [listen]

lids; covers [listen] Deckel {pl} [listen]

hooded lid; slip lid Stülpdeckel {m}

pot lid Topfdeckel {m} [cook.]

And this just puts the (tin) lid on it. [Br.] Und das setzt dem Ganzen jetzt die Krone auf. [übtr.]

press-in lid; plug lid; lever lid; friction top (of a tin can) Eindrückdeckel {m} (Konservendose, Getränkedose) [cook.]

press-in lids; plug lids; lever lids; friction tops Eindrückdeckel {pl}

yogurt pot lid [Br.]; yoghurt pot lid [Br.]; yogurt cup lid [Am.] Joghurtbecherdeckel {m}; Jogurtbecherdeckel {m} [cook.]

yogurt pot lids; yoghurt pot lids; yogurt cup lids Joghurtbecherdeckel {pl}; Jogurtbecherdeckel {pl}

lift-up lid; hinged lid; hinged cover Klappdeckel {m}; Klappverschluss {m}

lift-up lids; hinged lids; hinged covers Klappdeckel {pl}; Klappverschlüsse {pl}

terminal box lid Klemmenkastendeckel {m}; Klemmkastendeckel {m}

terminal box lids Klemmenkastendeckel {pl}; Klemmkastendeckel {pl}

boot lid [Br.]; boot panel [Br.]; trunk lid [Am.]; trunk deck [Am.] Kofferraumhaube {f}; Kofferraumabdeckung {f}; Kofferraumdeckel {m} [auto]

boot lids; boot panels; trunk lids; trunk decks Kofferraumhauben {pl}; Kofferraumabdeckungen {pl}; Kofferraumdeckel {pl}

self-sprung boot/trunk lid Kofferraumdeckel mit Druckknopfbetätigung

engine compartment lid; engine bay lid Motorraumdeckel {m}; Motorraumabdeckung {f}; Motorhaube {f} [auto]

engine compartment lids; engine bay lids Motorraumdeckel {pl}; Motorraumabdeckungen {pl}; Motorhauben {pl}

lid for the connecting rod bearing Pleuellagerdeckel {m} [techn.]

lids for the connecting rod bearing Pleuellagerdeckel {pl}

coffin lid Sargdeckel {m}

coffin lids Sargdeckel {pl}

hinged lid Scharnierdeckel {m}

hinged lids Scharnierdeckel {pl}

gland lid Stopfbüchsenbrille {f}

gland lids Stopfbüchsenbrillen {pl}

crash helmet; skid lid [Br.] [coll.] Sturzhelm {m}; Schutzhelm {m} [auto]

crash helmets; skid lids Sturzhelme {pl}; Schutzhelme {pl}

crucible lid Tiegeldeckel {m} [chem.]

crucible lids Tiegeldeckel {pl}

toilet lid; lavatory lid [Br.] WC-Deckel {m}; Toilettendeckel {m}; Klosettdeckel {m}; Klodeckel {m}

toilet lids; lavatory lids WC-Deckel {pl}; Toilettendeckel {pl}; Klosettdeckel {pl}; Klodeckel {pl}
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