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22 results for lice
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to become infested with lice verlausen {vi}

becoming infested with lice verlausend

become infested with lice verlaust

amphipods (e.g. sea lice) Amphipoden {pl}; Amfipoden {pl} (z. B. Seeläuse)

jumping plant lice (zoological superfamily) Blattflöhe {pl} (Psylloidea) (zoologische Überfamilie) [zool.]

aphids; plant lice; greenflies [Br.]; blackflies [Br.] (zoological superfamily) Blattläuse {pl} (Aphidoidea) (zoologische Überfamilie) [zool.]

fish lice Fischlausbefall {m}

thrips; thunderflies; thunderbugs; thunderblights; stormflies; corn lice (zoological order) Fransenflügler {pl}; Blasenfüße {pl}; Gewittertierchen {pl}; Gewitterwürmer {pl}; Gewitterfliegen {pl}; Thripse {pl} (Thysanoptera) (zoologische Ordnung) [zool.]

infestation with lice; lousiness; pediculosis Läusebefall {m}; Lausbefall {m}; Pedikulose {f} [med.]

bird lice; mallphaga Läuslinge {pl}; Kieferläuse {pl}; Federlinge {pl} (im Vogelgefieder) (Mallophaga) [zool.]

rock lice; sea slaters (zoological genus) Ligia-Asseln {pl} (Ligia) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

common sea slater; sea roach Klippenassel {f} (Ligia oceanica)

human lice (zoological family) Menschenläuse {pl} (Pediculidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

cyamid crustaceans; whale lice Walläuse {pl}

louse-ridden; infested with lice; full of lice verlaust {adj}

infestation (of sth.) Befall {m}; Verseuchung {f} (mit etw.) [biol.]

woodworm infestation Holzwurmbefall {m}

infestation of bugs Verwanzung {f}

infestation of lice Verlausung {f}

crab lice; pubic lice Filzläuse {pl}; Schamläuse {pl}; Sackratten {pl}

shampoo Haarwaschmittel {n}; Haarshampoo {n}; Shampoo {n}; Schampon {n} [Dt.]

shampoos Haarwaschmittel {pl}; Haarshampoos {pl}; Shampoos {pl}; Schampons {pl}

baby shampoo Babyshampoo {n}

lice shampoo Lausshampoo {n}; Läuseshampoo {n}

care shampoo Pflegeshampoo {n}; Haarpflegeshampoo {n}

dandruff shampoo; anti-dandruff shampoo Schuppenshampoo {n}

dry shampoo Trockenshampoo {n}

clothes louse Kleiderlaus {f} [zool.]

clothes lice Kleiderläuse {pl}

louse Laus {f} [zool.]

lice Läuse {pl}

head louse; cootie [Am.] [children's speech] Kopflaus {f}

larkspurs (botanical genus) Rittersporne {pl} (Delphinium) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

stavesacre; lice-bane Giftiger Rittersporn {m}; Mittelmeer-Rittersporn {m}; Stephanskraut {n}; Stephanskorn {n}; Läusepfeffer {m}; Läusezahn {m} (Delphinium staphisagria)

sea louse Seelaus {f} [zool.]

sea lice Seeläuse {pl}

stone louse (cartoon character) Steinlaus {f} (Zeichentrickfigur)

stone lice Steinläuse {pl}

to infest sth. etw. befallen {vt}

infesting befallend

infested befallen

infested with aphids / plant lice von Blattläusen befallen

aphid; plant louse Blattlaus {f} [biol.] [zool.]

aphids; plant lice Blattläuse {pl}

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