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leasing; letting; let [Br.]; renting [Am.] (of real property) [listen] [listen] [listen] Vermieten {n}; Vermietung {f} (einer Immobilie)

short-term let; short let Kurzzeit-Vermietung {f}

re-letting Neuvermietung {f}

leasing rate Leasingrate {f} [fin.]

renting; leasing [listen] Anmietung {f}

labour leasing Arbeitnehmerüberlassung {f}; Überlassung {f} von Arbeitskräften; Arbeitsleihe {f}; Personalleasing {n}; Leiharbeit {f}; Zeitarbeit {f}

Labour Leasing Act Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz {n} /AÜG/ [jur.]

leasing [listen] Kreuzschlagen {n} [textil.]

leasing [listen] Leasing {n} [econ.]

leasing [listen] Verpachtung {f}

construction machine leasing Baumaschinenvermietung {f} [mach.]

computer leasing Computerleasing {n}

container leasing; container renting [Am.] Containervermietung {f}

automobile leasing Automobilleasing {n} [econ.] [fin.] [auto]

sales leasing Absatzleasing {n} [fin.] [econ.]

by way of letting [Br.] / lease [Am.] mietweise; pachtweise {adv} [jur.]

to let [Br.] / rent [Am.] sth. to sb. jdm. etw. mietweise überlassen

letting [Br.] / leasing [Am.] of sth. mietweise Überlassung von etw.

to lease (from) [listen] pachten; mieten; leasen {vt} (von) [listen]

leasing [listen] pachtend; mietend; leasend

leased gepachtet; gemietet; geleast

leases pachtet; mietet

to lease out (to) vermieten; verpachten; leasen {vt} (an) [listen]

leasing out vermietend; verpachtend; leasend

leased out vermietet; verpachtet; geleast