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cleaning up of lakes and rivers Gewässerreinigung {f}

study of lakes Seenkunde {f} [envir.]

Great Lakes Große Seen {pl} [geogr.]

Masurian Lakes Masurische Seen {pl} [geogr.]

abandoned channel; dead channel; old arm; old branch; oxbow lake; oxbow; backwater; bayou [Am.] (of a stream) (hydrology) Altwasserarm {m}; Altwasser {n}; Altarm {m}; Altlauf {m} (eines Fließgewässers) (Gewässerkunde)

abandoned channels; dead channels; old arms; old branches; oxbow lakes; oxbows; backwaters; bayous Altwasserarme {pl}; Altwasser {pl}; Altarme {pl}; Altläufe {pl}

mountain lake; mountainous lake Bergsee {m}; Gebirgssee {m} [geogr.]

mountain lakes; mountainous lakes Bergseen {pl}; Gebirgsseen {pl}

inland lake; lake (large body of standing water) [listen] Binnensee {m}; See {m} (größeres Gewässer mit stehendem Wasser)

inland lakes; lakes Binnenseen {pl}; Seen {pl}

lake without outflow; imprisoned lake abflussloser See

Alpine lake Alpensee {m}

perialpine lake Alpenrandsee {m}

oxbow lake Altwassersee {m}

glacial lake glazialer See

clear-water lake Klarwassersee {n}

lakelet (→ tarn) kleiner See

pondlet kleiner natürlicher See

seasonal lake; temporary lake; intermittent lake periodischer See

extinct lake; filled lake verlandeter See

volcanic lake Vulkansee {m}

dead lake zuflussloser See

open lake See mit Ausfluss

stratified lake See mit geschichtetem Wasserkörper

a house on a lake; a lake house ein Haus am See

body of water; water body Gewässer {n} [envir.] [geogr.]

bodies of water; water bodies; waters Gewässer {pl}

lakes and rivers Gewässer {pl} (im Binnenland)

recreational water body; recreational water; bathing water Badegewässer {n}

home waters heimische Gewässer

internal waters (waters on the landward side of the baseline of the territorial sea) innere Gewässer (landwärts der Basislinie des Küstenmeers gelegene Gewässer) [pol.]

coastal area küstennahes Gewässer

maritime waters Meeresgewässer {pl}

shallow waters seichtes Gewässer

body of standing water; standing water body; stagnant water body; standing waters; stretch of standing water stehendes Gewässer; Stillgewässer [selten]

body of subsurface water; subsurface waters unterirdisches Gewässer

pollution of a body of water Verunreinigung eines Gewässers

high-mountain lake; high-mountainous lake Hochgebirgssee {m} [geogr.]

high-mountain lakes; high-mountainous lakes Hochgebirgsseen {pl}

crater lake Kratersee {m} [geogr.]

crater lakes Kraterseen {pl}

lava lake; fire pit Lavasee {m} [geol.]

lava lakes; fire pits Lavaseen {pl}

maar; volcanic lake Maar {n} [geol.]

maars; maare; volcanic lakes Maare {pl}

salt lake; saline lake; salt flat; salt desert Salzsee {m}; Salzebene {f}; Salzwüste {f} [geogr.]

salt lakes; saline lakes; salt flats; salt deserts Salzseen {pl}; Salzebenen {pl}; Salzwüsten {pl}

dammed lake; impounded lake; storage lake; impounding reservoir; storage reservoir; reservoir; impounding basin; water storage basin (water engineering) [listen] Stausee {m}; Staubecken {n}; Speicher {m}; Talsperre {f} (Wasserbau) [listen]

dammed lakes; impounded lakes; storage lakes; impounding reservoirs; storage reservoirs; reservoirs; impounding basins; water storage basins Stauseen {pl}; Staubecken {pl}; Speicher {pl}; Talsperren {pl} [listen]

near storage basin Nahspeicher {m}; Werkspeicher {m}

freshwater lake Süßwassersee {m}

freshwater lakes Süßwasserseen {pl}

dead-ice lake; kettle lake Toteissee {m} [geol.]

dead-ice lakes; kettle lakes Toteisseen {pl}

acidification Versauerung {f} [envir.]

ocean acidification Versauerung der Meere

acidification of the soil Bodenversauerung {f}

acidification of waters (lakes) Gewässerversauerung {f}

glacial lake; ice-dammed lake; ice-ponded lake; glacially impounded lake Eisstausee {m}

glacial lakes; ice-dammed lakes; ice-ponded lakes; glacially impounded lakes Eisstauseen {pl}

glacial lake; glacier lake Gletschersee {m}

glacial lakes; glacier lakes Gletscherseen {pl}

groove lake Rinnensee {m}

groove lakes Rinnenseen {pl}

salt table lake Salzspiegelsee {m} [geol.]

salt table lakes Salzspiegelseen {pl}
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