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labyrinthine fluid Labyrinthflüssigkeit {f} [med.]

otic fluid; endolymph; endolympha Endolymphe {f}

periotic fluid; perilymph; perilympha Perilymphe {f}

labyrinthine artery Labyrintharterie {f} [anat.]

labyrinthine window Labyrinthfenster {n} [anat.]

labyrinthine testing Labyrinthprüfung {f} [med.]

Bárány's caloric test; Bárány's water test; Bárány's test kalorische Labyrinthprüfung {f}

labyrinthine disorder Labyrinthstörung {f} [med.]

labyrinthine testing Labyrinthuntersuchung {f} [med.]

labyrinthine righting reflex; otolith righting reflex; bowing reflex; labyrinthine tonic neck reflex Labyrinthstellreflex {m} [med.]

inflammation of the labyrinth; labyrinthine otitis; labyrinthitis Labyrinthentzündung {f}; Labyrinthitis {f} [med.]

acute suppurative labyrinthitis; purulent labyrinthitis; pyolabyrinthitis eitrige Labyrinthitis

haematogenic labyrinthitis; hematogenic labyrinthitis [Am.] hämatogene Labyrinthitis

meningitic labyrinthitis meningitische Labyrinthitis

meningogenic labyrinthitis meningogene Labyrinthitis

acute serous labyrinthitis; sterile labyrinthitis sterile Labyrinthitis

tympanogenic labyrinthitis tympanogene Labyrinthitis

(internal) auditory vein; labyrinthine vein Gehörgangsvene {f} [anat.]

auditory veins; labyrinthine veins Gehörgangsvenen {pl}

sense of balance; sense of equilibrium; static sense; vestibular sense; labyrinthine sense; equilibrioception Gleichgewichtssinn {m} [biol.]

vestibular disorder; labyrinthine disorder (ENT) Gleichgewichtsstörung {f} (HNO) [med.]

aural vertigo; auditory vertigo; labyrinthine vertigo; otic vertigo Innenohrschwindel {m}; Labyrinthschwindel {m} [med.]

paroxysmal labyrinthine vertigo paroxysmaler Labyrinthschwindel

mazy; labyrinthine; labyrinthian labyrinthisch; labyrinthartig; wirr {adj}

full of twists and turns; twisting and turning; twisting; twisty; labyrinthine [formal] verschlungen; labyrinthisch [geh.] {adj}

nystagmus; nystaxis; talantropie Augapfelzittern {n}; Augenzittern {n}; Nystagmus {m} [med.]

amaurotic nystagmus amaurotischer Nystagmus

amblyopic nystagmus amblyoper Nystagmus

gaze-paretic nystagmus blickparetischer Nystagmus

dissociated nystagmus; disjunctive nystagmus dissoziierter Nystagmus

divergence nystagmus divergierender Nystagmus

railway nystagmus; optokinetic nystagmus; visual nystagmus Eisenbahnnystagmus {m}; optokinetischer Nystagmus

small-swinging nystagmus feinschlägiger Nystagmus

nystagmus against the rule Nystagmus gegen die Regel

large-swinging nystagmus grobschlägiger Nystagmus

miner's nystagmus Grubennystagmus {m}; Ohm'scher Nystagmus

clonic nystagmus klonischer Nystagmus

convergence nystagmus konvergierender Nystagmus

labyrinthine nystagmus; vestibular nystagmus Labyrinthnystagmus {m}

middle-swinging nystagmus mittelschlägiger Nystagmus

pendular nystagmus; oscillatory nystagmus; oscillating nystagmus; vibratory nystagmus; undulatory nystagmus Pendelnystagmus {m}; oszillatorischer Nystagmus

postrotatory nystagmus postrotatorischer Nystagmus

retraction nystagmus; retractory nystagmus; retractor nystagmus Retraktionsnystagmus {m}

rhythmic nystagmus; resilient nystagmus; jerking nystagmus rhythmischer Nystagmus

cerebellar nystagmus zerebellärer Nystagmus

irritation Reizung {f}; Irritation {f}

irritations Reizungen {pl}

foreign-body irritation Fremdkörperreiz {m}

labyrinthine irritation Labyrinthreizung {f}

nerve root irritation Nervenwurzelreizung {f}

torticollis; wryneck; loxia; trachelocyllosis Schiefhals {m}; Torticollis {m} [med.]

hysterical torticollis hysterischer Torticollis

labyrinthine torticollis labyrinthärer Torticollis

myogenic torticollis myogener Torticollis

neurogenic torticollis neurogener Torticollis

reflex torticollis reflektorischer Torticollis

spasmodic torticollis; intermittent torticollis; rotatory tic spastischer Torticollis

hearing difficulty; deafness; impairment of hearing; dysacousia; dyacousma; dysecoia Schwerhörigkeit {f}; Hörempfindungsstörung {f} [med.]

labyrinthine deafness; perceptive deafness Innenohrschwerhörigkeit {f}; Labyrinthschwerhörigkeit {f} [med.]

neonatal reflex; primitive reflex frühkindlicher Reflex {m}; atavistischer Reflex {m}; primitiver Reflex {m}; Primitivreflex {m} [med.]

neonatal reflexes; primitive reflexes frühkindliche Reflexe {pl}; atavistische Reflexe {pl}; primitive Reflexe {pl}; Primitivreflexe {pl}

labyrinthine reflex Labyrinthreflex {m}
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