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percussion drill; percussion borer; jumper bar; jumper [listen] Bohreisen {n}; Stoßbohrer {m}; Bohrer {m} [constr.] [min.]

percussion drills; percussion borers; jumper bars; jumpers Bohreisen {pl}; Stoßbohrer {pl}; Bohrer {pl}

jumper (drill bit for dowel holes) [listen] Dübellochbohrer {m} [techn.]

jumpers Dübellochbohrer {pl}

high jumper Hochspringer {m}; Hochspringer in {f} [sport]

high jumpers Hochspringer {pl}; Hochspringer innen {pl}

pararescueman; pararescue jumper /PJ/ Kampfretter {m} [mil.]

pararescuemen; pararescue jumpers Kampfretter {pl}

jumper [listen] Kurzschlussbrücke {f} [electr.]

jumpers Kurzschlussbrücken {pl}

shunted mit Kurzschlussbrücke

pullover; jumper [Br.]; jersey [Br.]; sweater [Am.] [listen] [listen] [listen] Pullover {m}; Pulli {m} [ugs.] [textil.]

pullovers; jumpers; jerseys; sweaters Pullover {pl}; Pullis {pl}

cotton pullover; cotton jumper [Br.]; cotton jersey [Br.]; cotton sweater [Am.] Baumwollpullover {m}; Baumwollpulli {m}

Norwegian sweater Norwegerpullover {m}; Norwegerpulli {m}

roll-neck(ed) pullover; roll-neck(ed) jumper [Br.]; roll-neck jersey [Br.]; polo-neck(ed) pullover/jumper [Br.]; polo-neck jersey [Br.]; turtleneck pullover [Am.]; turtleneck sweater [Am.]; turtleneck [Am.] Rollkragenpullover {m}; Rollkragenpulli {m}; Rolli {m} [ugs.]

knit / knitted / knit-wool pullover / jumper [Br.]/ jersey [Br.]/sweater [Am.] Strickpullover {m}; Strickpulli {m}

woll pullover; wool jumper [Br.]; wool jersey [Br.]; wool sweater [Am.] Wollpullover {m}; Wollpulli {f}

ski jumper Skispringer {m}; Skispringerin {f}; Schispringer {m} [sport]

ski jumpers Skispringer {pl}; Skispringerinnen {pl}; Schispringer {pl}

jumper; diver; vaulter [listen] Springer {m}; Springerin {f} [listen]

jumpers; divers; vaulters [listen] Springer {pl}; Springerinnen {pl} [listen]

pole jumper Stabhochspringer {m}; Stabhochspringerin {f} [sport]

pole jumpers Stabhochspringer {pl}; Stabhochspringerinnen {pl}

(battery) jumper cable; jumper; jump leads [Br.]; booster cable [listen] Starthilfekabel {n}; Überbrückungskabel {n} [auto]

jumper cables; jumpers; jump leadses; booster cables Starthilfekabel {pl}; Überbrückungskabel {pl}

jumper [listen] Steckbrücke {f}; Drahtbrücke {f}; Jumper {m} [comp.] [electr.]

jumpers Steckbrücken {pl}; Drahtbrücken {pl}; Jumper {pl}

jumper (wire) [listen] Überbrückungsdraht {m}; Überbrückungsleiter {m}; Überbrückung {f}; Überbrücker {m} [ugs.] [electr.]

jumpers Überbrückungsdrähte {pl}; Überbrückungsleiter {pl}; Überbrückungen {pl}; Überbrücker {pl}

jumpered gebrückt; gejumpert {adj} [electr.] [comp.]

jumper (railway) [listen] Verbindungskabel {n} zwischen Triebwagen (Bahn)

jumpers Verbindungskabel {pl} zwischen Triebwagen

inside salesman; sales assistant; assistant; shop assistant [Br.]; sales clerk [Am.]; clerk [Am.]; counter-jumper [coll.]; shopman [dated]; shop boy [dated] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] Verkaufsberater {m}; Verkaufsangestellter {m}; Verkäufer {m} (im Geschäft) [econ.] [listen]

inside salesmen; sales assistants; assistants; shop assistants; sales clerks; clerks; counter-jumpers; shopmen; shop boys Verkaufsberater {pl}; Verkaufsangestellten {pl}; Verkäufer {pl} [listen]

saleslady; salesgirl; shop girl [dated] Verkaufsberaterin {f}; Verkäuferin {f} [listen]

retail sales assistant; retail salesman Verkäufer im Einzelhandel

long jumper Weitspringer {m}; Weitspringerin {f} [sport]

long jumpers Weitspringer {pl}; Weitspringerinnen {pl}
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