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payment by instalments [Br.]; instalment payment [Br.]; payment by installments [Am.]; installment payment [Am.]; deferred payment [Am.]; payment on deferred terms [Am.]; time payment [Am.] Ratenzahlung {f}; Zahlung {f} in Raten; Teilzahlung {f} [fin.]

payments by instalments; instalment payments; payments by installments; installment payments; deferred payments; payments on deferred terms; time payments Ratenzahlungen {pl}; Zahlungen {pl} in Raten; Teilzahlungen {pl}

first instalment [Br.] / installment [Am.] payment erste Ratenzahlung

by instalments ratenweise {adv} [fin.]

in instalments [Br.]; in installments [Am.] ratierlich {adj}; in Raten [fin.]

monthly instalment; monthly installment Monatsrate {f}

monthly instalments; monthly installments Monatsraten {pl}

instalment [Br.]; installment [Am.]; tranche [listen] [listen] Rate {f}; Teilbetrag {m} [fin.]

instalments; installments; tranches Raten {pl}; Teilbeträge {pl}

tax instalment Steuerrate {f}

to pay by (in) instalments in Raten zahlen

fraction amount; instalment; installment [listen] [listen] Teilbetrag {m}

fraction amounts; instalments; installments Teilbeträge {pl}

proportionately anteilig; anteilmäßig {adv}

In this case the number of instalments will be reduced proportionately. In diesem Fall wird die Anzahl der Raten anteilig verringert.

half-yearly; semi-annual; semestral [Am.] (rare) halbjährlich; Halbjahres...; alle sechs Monate (nachgestellt) {adj}

semi-annual meetings Halbjahrestreffen {n}; Treffen zweimal im Jahr

The loan is to be repaid by half-yearly instalments Der Kredit ist in halbjährlichen Raten zurückzuzahlen.