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insect-eater; insectivorous animal; insectivore Insektenfresser {m}; Entomophag {m} [zool.]

insect-eaters; insectivorous animals; insectivores Insektenfresser {pl}; Entomophagen {pl}

insect [listen] Insekt {n}; Kerbtier {n} [zool.] [listen]

insects Insekten {pl}; Kerbtiere {pl}

insect pollination; entomophily Insektenblütigkeit {f}; Entomophilie {f}; Entomogamie {f} [bot.]

insect trap Insektenfalle {f}

insect traps Insektenfallen {pl}

insect trapper Insektenfänger {m}

insect trappers Insektenfänger {pl}

insect attack Insektenbefall {m}

insect nesting box; insect house; insect hotel; insect condo [coll.]; bug home [coll.] Insekten-Nisthilfe {f}; Insektenhaus {n}; Insektenkasten {m}; Insektenhotel {n}; Insektenquartier {n}; Nützlingshotel {n} [zool.]

insect nesting boxes; insect houses; insect hotels; insect condos; bug homes Insekten-Nisthilfen {pl}; Insektenhäuser {pl}; Insektenkästen {pl}; Insektenhotels {pl}; Insektenquartiere {pl}; Nützlingshotels {pl}

insect repellent Insektenschutzmittel {n}

insect repellents Insektenschutzmittel {pl}

insect die-off; insect mortality Insektensterben {n} [envir.]

insect sting; insect bite Insektenstich {m}

insect stings; insect bites Insektenstiche {pl}

insect pests Schadinsekten {pl} [agr.]

insect pollinated; entomophilous; entogamous insektenblütig; entomophil; entomogam {adj} [bot.]

insect pollinateds; entomophilouses; entogamouses insektenblütig; entomophil; entomogamen {pl}

field pest; injurious insect Ackerschädling {m} [agr.]

injurious insects Ackerschädlinge {pl}

insect-eating; entomophagy Entomophagie {f}; Verzehr {m} von Insekten [cook.]

hemimetabolism (insect methamorphosis without pupal instar) Hemimetabolie {f}; Verwandlung {f} von Insekten ohne Puppenstadium [zool.]

holometabolism (insect methamorphosis with pupal instar) Holometabolie {f} (Verwandlung von Insekten mit Puppenstadium) [zool.]

stylopized insect stylopisiertes Insekt

(human) insect-eater; entomophagist Insektenesser {m}; Entomophag {m} (Mensch) [cook.]

insect-eating mammals; insectivoran mammals; insectivorans (often wrongly: insectivores) (zoological order) Insektenfresser {pl} (Eulipotyphla) (früher: Insectivora / Lipotyphla) (zoologische Ordnung) [zool.]

phasmid; phasmid insect Phasmid {m} [zool.]

phasmids; phasmid insects Phasmiden {pl}

stick insect; stick bug; bug stick [Am.] [Can.]; walking stick Stabheuschrecke {f}; Stabschrecke {f} [zool.]

stick insects; stick bugs; bug sticks; walking sticks Stabheuschrecken {pl}; Stabschrecken {pl}

insect-eating; entomophagous insektenverzehrend; entomophagisch {adj} [cook.]

to have (got) sth. in the house; to have (got) sth. in [coll.] etw. im Haus haben; etwas dahaben [ugs.] {vt}

Have you got any beer in (the house)? Hast du Bier im Haus/da?

Insect traps are sold out. We'll have some in next week. Insektenfallen sind aus(verkauft). Nächste Woche werden wir wieder welche (im Haus) haben.

proboscis (insect) Saugrüssel {m}; Rüssel {m} (Insekt) [anat.] [zool.]

probosces Saugrüssel {pl}; Rüssel {pl}

sting; stinger (of an insect) [listen] Stachel {m} (eines Insekts) [zool.]

stings; stingers Stacheln {pl}

to swat; to kill; to beat to death; to strike dead [listen] totschlagen; töten {vt} [listen]

swatting; killing; beating to death; striking dead totschlagend; tötend

swatted; killed; beaten to death; struck dead [listen] totgeschlagen; getötet

to swat an insect ein Insekt totschlagen

to chirr; to churr; to chirp (insect) zirpen {vi} (Insekt) [zool.]

chirring; churring; chirping zirpend

chirred; churred; chirped gezirpt

chirrs; churrs; chirps zirpt

chirred; churred; chirped zirpten