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29 results for horns
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horns; antlers Geweih {n} [zool.]

horns; antlers Geweihe {pl}

honking (of car horns) Gehupe {n} (von Autohupen)

to draw/pull in your horns; to draw/pull your horns in sich zurückhalten; sich zurücknehmen {vr}

He took the bull by the horns. Er packte den Stier bei den Hörnern.

to lock horns (with sb.) (over sth.) [fig.] (mit jdm.) (wegen etw.) in Streit geraten

to lock horns with sb. [fig.] mit jdm. die Klingen kreuzen [übtr.]

to lock horns with sb. [fig.] mit jdm. wettstreiten; mit jdm. konkurrieren

tenor horn [Br.]; alto horn [Am.] Althorn {n} [mus.]

tenor horns; alto horns Althörner {pl}

bulb horn Ballhupe {f} [auto]

bulb horns Ballhupen {pl}

baritone horn; baritone; euphonium Baritonhorn {n}; Bariton {n}; Baryton {n} [mus.]

baritone horns; baritones Baritonhörner {pl}; Baritone {pl}; Barytone {pl}

air horn Druckluft-Fanfare {f}; Stadion-Fanfare {f}

air horns Druckluft-Fanfaren {pl}; Stadion-Fanfaren {pl}

horn [listen] Horn {n} [listen]

horns Hörner {pl}

to sow one's wild oats [fig.] sich die Hörner abstoßen [übtr.]; sich austoben

horn [listen] Horn {n} [mus.] [listen]

horns Hörner {pl}

blast on a horn; bugle call Hornsignal {n}

blast on a horns; bugle calls Hornsignale {pl}

to bugle; to give/sound a bugle call ein Hornsignal blasen

horn; hooter [Br.] [listen] Hupe {f} [auto] [listen]

horns; hooters Hupen {pl}

electronic horn elektronische Hupe

hunting horn Jagdhorn {n}; Signalhorn {n}

hunting horns Jagdhörner {pl}; Signalhörner {pl}

post horn Posthorn {n} [mus.]

post horns Posthörner {pl}

pyramid antenna; prism antenna; pyramidal horn Reusenantenne {f}

pyramid antennas; prism antennas; pyramidal horns Reusenantennen {pl}

cream horn Schillerlocke {f}; Schaumrolle {f} [Bayr.] [Ös.]; Cornet {n} [Schw.] (Gebäck) [cook.]

cream horns Schillerlocken {pl}; Schaumrollen {pl}; Cornets {pl}

sounding horn (railway) Signalhorn {n} (Bahn)

sounding horns Signalhörner {pl}

alarm horn; hooter [Br.] (rather [dated]); siren (ship, factory) [listen] Signalhorn {n}; Sirene {f} (Schiff, Fabrik)

alarm horns; hooters; sirens Signalhörner {pl}; Sirenen {pl}

bugle-horn; bugle Signalhorn {n} [mus.] [mil.]

bugle-horns; bugles Signalhörner {pl}

to bugle Signalhorn blasen

signalling horn; signal horn; klaxon ® Signalhupe {f}; Signalhorn {n} [auto]

signalling horns; signal horns; klaxons Signalhupen {pl}; Signalhornen {pl}

stadium horn; football horn; vuvuzela Stadiontröte {f}; Fantröte {f}; Fan-Fanfare {f}; Vuvuzela {f}

stadium horns; football horns; vuvuzelas Stadiontröten {pl}; Fantröten {pl}; Fan-Fanfaren {pl}; Vuvuzelas {pl}

bull [listen] Stier {m}; Bulle {m} [zool.] [listen]

bulls Stiere {pl}; Bullen {pl}

to take the bull by the horns [fig.] den Stier bei den Hörnern packen [übtr.]

to go at it like a bull in a china shop [fig.] sich anstellen wie ein Elefant im Porzellanladen [übtr.]

cow horn Stierhorn {n} [mus.] (Blasinstrument)

cow horns Stierhörner {pl}

baritone horn Tenorhorn {n} [mus.] (Blasinstrument)

baritone horns Tenorhörner {pl}

horn [listen] Tröte {f}

horns Tröten {pl}

noise from horns Getröte {n}

French horn Waldhorn {n} [mus.]

French horns Waldhörner {pl}

quagmire [fig.] Zwickmühle {f}; Klemme {f}; Schlammassel {m}

to be on the horns of a dilemma in der Zwickmühle sein
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