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temporary worker; temporary employee; casual employee; temporary assistant; temporary helper; temporary hire [Am.]; temp [coll.] Aushilfskraft {f}

temporary workers; temporary employees; casual employees; temporary assistants; temporary helpers; temporary hires; temps Aushilfskräfte {pl}

employee /EE/; hire [Am.] Beschäftigter {m}; Beschäftigte {f}; Angestellter {m}; Mitarbeiter {m}; Mitarbeiterin {f} /MA/ [listen] [listen]

employees; hires [listen] Beschäftigte {pl}; Angestellte {pl}; Mitarbeiter {pl}; Mitarbeiterinnen {pl} [listen] [listen]

probationary employee Mitarbeiter {m} auf Probe

officer [listen] leitender Angestellter; Kaderangestellter [Schw.]; Kadermitarbeiter [Schw.]

bargained-for staff/employees tarifvertraglich Beschäftigte {pl}

car hire company [Br.]; car hire firm [Br.]; hire [Br.]; car rental company [Am.]; car rental firm [Am.]; rental [Am.] [listen] Mietwagenfirma {f}; Leihwagenfirma {f}; Autoverleihfirma {f}; Autovermieter {m} [ugs.]; Autoverleiher {m} [ugs.] [auto]

car hire companies; car hire firms; hires; car rental companies; car rental firms; rentals Mietwagenfirmen {pl}; Leihwagenfirmen {pl}; Autoverleihfirmen {pl}; Autovermieter {pl}; Autoverleiher {pl}

to hire; to engage [listen] [listen] dingen {vt} [obs.]

hiring; engaging [listen] [listen] dingend

hired; engaged [listen] [listen] gedungen

he/she hires er/sie dingt

I/he/she hired [listen] ich/er/sie dingte

he/she has/had hired er/sie hat/hatte gedungen

to hire [listen] mieten; leihen [listen] [listen]

hiring [listen] mietend; leihend

hired [listen] gemietet; geliehen

hires mietet; leiht

hired [listen] mietete; lieh

unhired nicht gemietet

to hire out [Br.] (movable property); to let sth. (out) on hire [Br.]; to rent sth. [Am.] (to sb.) (bewegliche Sachen) vermieten {vt} (an jdn.) [listen]

hiring out; letting on hire; renting vermietend

hired out; let on hire; rented vermietet

The hotel also hires/rents out boats to guests. Das Hotel vermietet auch Boote an die Gäste.