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great /gr8/; super [coll.]; super-duper [coll.] [humor.]; ace [Br.] [coll.]; boss [slang]; bodacious [Am.]; grouse [Austr.] [NZ] [slang] [listen] [listen] toll; spitze; spitzenmäßig; super; genial; prima; klasse [Dt.]; klass [Ös.]; dufte [Norddt.]; knorke [Nordostdt.]; pfundig [Süddt.]; leiwand [Wien]; schnafte [Berlin] [veraltend] [ugs.] {adj} [listen]

to look super-duper spitze aussehen

Ace!; It's really ace! Spitze!; Das ist großartig!

Goody! [children's speech] [becoming dated] Prima!

grouse shooting Moorhuhnjagd {f}

grouse (zoological subfamily) Raufußhühner {pl} (Tetraoninae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [ornith.]

to grumble; to grouse; to grouch; to gripe; to moan; to nag; to bitch [Am.]; to crab [Am.]; to kvetch [Am.] (about sth.) [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] meckern; maulen; mäkeln; motzen; nörgeln; mosern [Dt.]; matschkern [Ös.]; schnorren [Schw.] {vi} (über etw.)

grumbling; grousing; grouching; gripping; moaning; nagging; bitching; crabbing; kvetching [listen] [listen] [listen] meckernd; maulend; mäkelnd; motzend; nörgelnd; mosernd; matschkernd; schnorrend

grumbled; groused; grouched; gripped; moaned; nagged; bitched; crabbed; kvetched gemeckert; gemault; gemäkelt; gemotzt; genörgelt; gemosert; gematschkert; geschnorrt

to grumble about the weather über das Wetter meckern

to always find something to gripe about immer etwas zu nörgeln haben; immer ein Haar in der Suppe finden

He's always moaning that we use too much electricity. Er mault immer, dass wir zu viel Strom verbrauchen.

wood grouse Auerhuhn {n}; Auerhahn {m} [ornith.]

wood grouses Auerhühner {pl}; Auerhähne {pl}

black grouse Birkhuhn {n} (Tetrao tetrix) [ornith.]

hazel grouse Haselhuhn {n} (Bonasa bonasia) [ornith.]

black grouse x willow grouse Birkhahn x Moorschneehenne (Bastard) [ornith.]

Severtzov's hazel grouse Schwarzbrust-Haselhuhn {n} [ornith.]

ruffed grouse Kragenhuhn {n} [ornith.]

sage grouse Beifußhuhn {n} [ornith.]

spruce grouse Tannenhuhn {n} (Falcipennis canadensis) [ornith.]

blue grouse Felsengebirgshuhn {n} [ornith.]

sharp-tailed grouse Schweifhuhn {n} [ornith.]

game animals; game [listen] Jagdwild {n}; Wild {n}

wood grouse Auerwild {n}

fallow deer Damwild {n}

winged game Flugwild {n}

unprotected game Freiwild {n}

big game Großwild {n}

furred game; mammalian game Haarwild {n}

ground game Haarraubwild {n}

beasts of venery; beasts of the chase (game reserved for noble hunting) Hochwild {n} [hist.]

female game animals; calves without antlers Kahlwild {n}

small game Kleinwild {n}

beasts of the warren Niederwild {n} [hist.]

predator game Raubwild {n}

roe deer Rehwild {n}

red deer Rotwild {n}

hoofed game Schalenwild {n}

wild boars Schwarzwild {n}

farmed game Zuchtwild {n}

battue (bei der Treibjagd) aufgescheuchtes Wild; hochgemachtes Wild

quarry; chase [listen] [listen] verfolgtes Wild

to kill game by stabbing it in the neck Wild abnicken; abfangen [Jägersprache] (mit einem Stich ins Genick töten)

ptarmigans (zoological genus) Schneehühner {pl} (Lagopus) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

willow ptarmigan; willow grouse Moorschneehuhn {n} (Lagopus lagopus)

rock ptarmigan; snow chicken [Am.] Alpenschneehuhn {n} (Lagopus muta)

white-tailed ptarmigan Weißschwanz-Schneehuhn {n} (Lagopus leucura)
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