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persistence of pathogenic germs; persistence of pathogens Erregerpersistenz {f} [biol.] [med.]

wheat germs Weizenkeime {pl} [cook.]

cooties (an imaginary disease among children. Terms such as "girl germs" or "boy germs" are also used) Menschenläuse {pl}

germ [listen] Keim {m} [biol.]

germs Keime {pl}

germ; germinated plantlet; germinated young plant; embryo [listen] Keimling {m}; Keimpflanze {f}; Pflanzenkeim {m} [bot.]

germs; germinated plantlets; germinated young plants; embryos Keimlinge {pl}; Keimpflanzen {pl}; Pflanzenkeime {pl}

nucleus of condensation; condensation nucleus; condensation centre [Br.]/center [Am.]; condensation germ Kondensationskern {m}; Kondensationskeim {m} [meteo.]

nuclei of condensation; condensation nuclei; condensation centres/centers; condensation germs Kondensationskerne {pl}; Kondensationskeime {pl}

disease-causing agent; disease-producing agent; disease agent; pathogenic agent; infectious agent; agent; disease-producing germ; pathogenic germ; infectious germ; germ; disease-producing organism; pathogenic organism (health-damaging microorganism) [listen] [listen] Krankheitserreger {m}; Erreger {m}; Krankheitskeim {m}; krankheitsrerregender Keim {m}; pathogener Keim {m}; Keim {m} (gesundheitsschädlicher Mikroorganismus) [med.]

disease-causing agents; disease-producing agents; disease agents; pathogenic agents; infectious agents; agents; disease-producing germs; pathogenic germs; infectious germs; germs; disease-producing organisms; pathogenic organisms [listen] Krankheitserreger {pl}; Erreger {pl}; Krankheitskeime {pl}; krankheisrerregende Keime {pl}; pathogene Keime {pl}; Keime {pl}

aerogenic germ aerogener Keim

infective agent; infectious agent Ansteckungskeim {m}; Infektionskeim {m}

causative agent; causative germ auslösender Erreger; auslösender Keim

airborne germ durch Luft übertragener Keim

geophile pathogen geophiler Erreger

skin germ Hautkeim {m}

high-consequence pathogenic agent; high-consequence pathogen hochpathogener Erreger; hochpathogener Keim

hospital germ Krankenhauskeim {m}

persister persistierender Keim

resident flora of the skin ständige Hautkeime

environmental germ Umweltkeim {m}

tooth germ Zahnkeim {m} [anat.]

tooth germs Zahnkeime {pl}

to disinfect sth.; to sanitize sth.; to sanitise sth. [Br.]; to sanify sth. [rare] (kill most germs in/on it) etw. desinfizieren; etw. (weitgehend) keimfrei machen {vt}

disinfecting; sanitizing; sanitising; sanifying desinfizierend; keimfrei machend

disinfected; sanitized; sanitised; sanified desinfiziert; keimfrei gemacht

he/she disinfects er/sie desinfiziert

I/he/she disinfected ich/er/sie desinfizierte

to germ [listen] keimen {vi}

germing keimend

germed gekeimt

germs keimt

germed keimte

to sterilize sth.; to sterilise sth. [Br.] (make completely free from germs) etw. sterilisieren; etw. (vollständig) keimfrei machen {vt} [med.]

sterilizing; sterilising sterilisierend; keimfrei machend

sterilized; sterilised sterilisiert; keimfrei gemacht

sterilizes; sterilises sterilisiert; macht keimfrei

sterilized; sterilised sterilisierte; machte keimfrei

to sterilize the dental instruments die Zahnarztinstrumente sterlisieren
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