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to gas [coll.] [listen] faseln {vi}

gasing faselnd

gased gefaselt

to get fuel/petrol/gas/diesel; to put fuel in; to fuel up; to gas up [Am.]; to refuel (lorry, plane, ship); to take on fuel [aviat.] [naut.] [listen] tanken [auto]; auftanken [aviat.] [naut.] {vi}

getting fuel/petrol/gas/diesel; putting fuel in; fueling up; gasing up; refueling; taking on fuel [listen] tankend; auftankend

got fuel/petrol/gas/diesel; put fuel in; fueled up; gased up; refueled; taked on fuel [listen] getankt; aufgetankt

Have you put petrol/gas/diesel in? / Have you filled [Br.] / tanked [Am.] up? Hast Du getankt?

I still have to get some petrol/gas/diesel. Ich muss noch tanken.

We really need fuel/petrol/gas/diesel. Wir müssen unbedingt tanken.

We'd better fuel up at the next town. Wir sollten in der nächsten Stadt tanken.

The bus stopped for fuel/petrol/gas/diesel. Der Bus hielt an, um zu tanken.

We stopped over in Zagreb to take on fuel. Wir machten in Agram eine Zwischenlandung, um aufzutanken.

Where can we get petrol/gas/diesel (a)round here? Wo kann man hier tanken?

You can get cheap petrol/gas/diesel there. Dort kann man billig tanken.