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to fiddle with; to fiddle around; to fumble (around); to tinker (with); quickly put together an improvised solution [listen] frickeln {vi} [ugs.]

fiddling with; fiddling around; fumbling; tinkering; quickly put together an improvised solution frickelnd

fiddled with; fiddled around; fumbled; tinkered gefrickelt

to fumble about; to fumble around herumtappen; herumtasten {vi}

fumbling about; fumbling around herumtappend; herumtastend

fumbled about; fumbled around herumgetappt; herumgetastet

to fiddle (around) with sth.; to fumble (around) with sth. an etw. nesteln; an etw. pfriemeln [ugs.] {vi}

fiddling; fumbling nestelnd; pfriemelnd

fiddled; fumbled genestelt; gepfriemelt