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freightage Transport {m}

freight; freightage (lorry, train, ship, aircraft); cargo (lorry, ship, aircraft); lading; load (of a means of transport) [listen] [listen] [listen] Frachtgut {n}; Fracht {f}; Ladung {f} (eines Transportmittels) [transp.] [listen] [listen]

dead freight Fehlfracht {f}; Ausfallfracht {f}; zu zahlende aber nicht genutzte Fracht

full lorry load [Br.]; full truck load /FTL/ [Am.] volle LKW-Ladung; LKW-Komplettladung; Komplettladung {f}

bulk cargo Massenfrachtgut {n}; Massenfracht {f}; Massengutladung {f}; Schüttladung {f}; sperrige Ladung

collective consignment; collective shipment; mixed consignment; consolidated cargo [Am.] Sammelladung {f}

shipload; ship's freight Schiffsfracht {f}; Schiffsladung {f}; Cargo {m}

general/mixed cargo (ship); part-load (railway); mixed carload [Am.] (railway); less-than-carload lot /LCL/ [Am.] (railway); package freight [Am.] [listen] Stückgutfracht {f}; Stückgutladung {f}

partial load; part load Teilladung {f}

carload Wagenladung {f}

trainload Zugladung {f}

dangerous cargo gefährliche Ladung

freight charges; freight costs; freightage; freight [listen] Frachtgebühr {f}; Frachtgeld {n}; Frachtspesen {f}; Frachtkosten {pl}; Fracht {f} [transp.] [fin.] [listen]

until the freight has been paid bis die Fracht bezahlt ist

freight to be prepaid Fracht im Voraus zu zahlen

freight prepaid /Frt. ppd./ Fracht im Voraus bezahlt