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computer freak; computer nerd; computer geek; computer boffin [Br.] [coll.] Computernarr {m}; Computerfreak {m}; Computer-Versessener {m} [ugs.]

computer freaks; computer nerds; computer geeks; computer boffins Computernarren {pl}; Computerfreaks {pl}; Computer-Versessene {pl}

war fanatic; war freak Kriegsnarr {m} [mil.]

war fanatics; war freaks Kriegsnarren {pl}

environmentalist freak; ecofreak Ökofreak {m} [ugs.]

environmentalist freaks; ecofreaks Ökofreaks {pl}

puzzle freak [coll.]; person who likes fiddly/picky work Tüftler {m}; Tüftlerin {f} [ugs.]

puzzle freaks Tüftler {pl}; Tüftlerinnen {pl}

gun fanatic; gun freak Waffennarr {m} [mil.]

gun fanatics; gun freaks Waffennarren {pl}

anywhere near; anywhere close (to) auch nur annähernd {adv}

If these projections are anywhere close to accurate, it would be a great success. Wenn diese Prognosen auch nur annähernd stimmen, wäre das ein großer Erfolg.

In Europe, there aren't anywere near as many gun freaks as in North America. In Europa gibt es nicht annähernd so viele Waffennarren wie in Nordamerika.