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lava eruption Lavaausbruch {m} [geol.]

lava eruptions Lavaausbrüche {pl}

volcanic outbreak; volcanic outburst; volcanic eruption Vulkanausbruch {m}; vulkanischer Ausbruch {m}; vulkanische Eruption {f}

volcanic outbreaks; volcanic outbursts; volcanic eruptions Vulkanausbrüche {pl}; vulkanische Ausbrüche {pl}; vulkanische Eruptionen {pl}

Vesuvian eruptions vesuvianische Eruptionen

Strombolian eruptions strombolianische Eruptionen

Plinian eruptions plinianische Eruptionen

eruption; breaking-forth; outburst (of a volcano); blow out (of a well); backbreak (quarrying mining); explosion [listen] Ausbruch {m} [geol.]

eruptions; breaking-forths; outbursts; blow outs; backbreaks; explosions Ausbrüche {pl}

phreatic eruption phreatischer Ausbruch

sudden excavation plötzlicher Ausbruch

subaerial eruption subaerischer Ausbruch

subglacial eruption subglazialer Ausbruch

subrecent eruption subrezenter Ausbruch

supramarine eruption übermeerischer Ausbruch

gas eruption; gas blow-out; blast of gas; outburst of gas Gasausbruch {m} [geol.]

gas eruptions; gas blow-outs; blasts of gas; outbursts of gas Gasausbrüche {pl}

linear eruption Lineareruption {f} [geol.]

linear eruptions Lineareruptionen {pl}