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bag for welding rods/electrodes (welding) Schweißköcher {m} (Schweißen)

bags for welding rods/electrodes Schweißköcher {pl}

deflection electrode; deflecting electrode Ablenkelektrode {f} [electr.]

deflection electrodes; deflecting electrodes Ablenkelektroden {pl}

consumable electrode; fusible electrode (welding, metallurgy) Abschmelzelektrode {f} (Schweißen, Metallurgie) [techn.]

consumable electrodes; fusible electrodes Abschmelzelektroden {pl}

electrode Elektrode {f} [electr.] [techn.]

electrodes Elektroden {pl}

bare-wire electrode Blankdrahtelektrode {f}; Nacktdrahtelektrode {f}

iron oxide electrode Eisenoxidelektrode {f}; erzsaure Elektrode

electrode with multilayer covering geschichtete Elektrode

pellet electrode pastillenförmige Elektrode

fence electrode Gatterelektrode {f}

sticking electrode Haftelektrode {f}

cored-wire electrode Kerndrahtelektrode {f}

basic electrode kalkbasische Elektrode; Elektrode des kalkbasischen Typs

reflector electrode; reflector; repeller [Am.] Reflexionselektrode {f}; Reflektor {m}

cored electrode (welding) Seelenelektrode {f} (Schweißen)

covered electrode; coated electrode umhüllte Elektrode

emitter electrode; emitter (in a bipolar transistor) Emitter {m} [electr.]

emitter electrodes; emitters Emitter {pl}

indicating electrode Indikatorelektrode {f}

indicating electrodes Indikatorelektroden {pl}

carbon electrode Kohleelektrode {f}

carbon electrodes Kohleelektroden {pl}

conductivity electrode Leitfähigkeitselektrode {f}

conductivity electrodes Leitfähigkeitselektroden {pl}

center electrode Mittelelektrode {f} [electr.]

center electrodes Mittelelektroden {pl}

bare wire electrode Nacktdrahtelektrode {f} [electr.]

bare wire electrodes Nacktdrahtelektroden {pl}

null electrode Nullelektrode {f} [chem.]

null electrodes Nullelektroden {pl}

platinum electrode Platinelektrode {f}

platinum electrodes Platinelektroden {pl}

welding electrode Schweißelektrode {f} [techn.]

welding electrodes Schweißelektroden {pl}

control electrode Steuerelektrode {f} [electr.]

control electrodes Steuerelektroden {pl}

gate electrode; gate (of a thyristor or field effect transistor) [listen] Steuerelektrode {f} (beim Tyristor und Feldeffekttransistor) [electr.]

gate electrodes; gates Steuerelektroden {pl}

pacing electrode; stimulating electrode (cardiology) Stimulationselektrode {f} (Kardiologie) [med.]

pacing electrodes; stimulating electrodes Stimulationselektroden {pl}

exploring electrode Untersuchungselektrode {f}; Explorationselektrode {f} [med.]

exploring electrodes Untersuchungselektroden {pl}; Explorationselektroden {pl}

hydrogen electrode; Hildebrand electrode Wasserstoffelektrode {f} (pH-Wert-Messung) [electr.]

hydrogen electrodes; Hildebrand electrodes Wasserstoffelektroden {pl}

modulating electrode; modulator electrode; Wehnelt electrode; Wehnelt cylinder; concentrating cup; concentration cup; focussing cup; focusing cup (TV) Wehnelt-Elektrode {f}; Wehnelt-Zylinder {f} (TV) [electr.]

modulating electrodes; modulator electrodes; Wehnelt electrodes; Wehnelt cylinders; concentrating cups; concentration cups; focussing cups; focusing cups Wehnelt-Elektroden {pl}; Wehnelt-Zylinder {pl}

resistance welding electrode Widerstandsschweißelektrode {f} [techn.]

resistance welding electrodes Widerstandsschweißelektroden {pl}

spot welding electrode Punktschweißelektrode {f} [mach.] [techn.]

spot welding electrodes Punktschweißelektroden {pl}

welding electrode for inert gas welding Schutzgasschweißelektrode {f} [mach.] [techn.]

welding electrodes for inert gas welding Schutzgasschweißelektroden {pl}
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