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merops bee-eaters (zoological genus) Merops-Bienenfresser {pl}; Merops-Spinte {pl} (Merops) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

European bee-eater Europäischer Bienenfresser (Merops apiaster)

blue-cheeked bee-eater Blauwangenspint {m} (Merops persicus)

blue-throated bee-eater; chestnut-headed bee-eater Malaienspint {m} (Merops viridis)

white-throated bee eater; black-crowned bee-eater Weißkehlspint {m} (Merops albicollis)

bee-eaters (zoological family) Bienenfresser {pl}; Spinte {pl} (Meropidae) (zoologische Familie) [ornith.]

craneflies; mosquito hawks; mosquito eaters (zoological family) Schnaken {pl} (Tipulidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

pangolins; scaly ant-eaters, trenggilings (zoological family) Schuppentiere {pl}; Tannenzapfentiere {pl} (Manidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

scavenger; carrion eater; carrion feeder; scavenging animal [listen] Aasfresser {m} [zool.]

scavengers; carrion eaters; carrion feeders; scavenging animals Aasfresser {pl}

detritus-feeding animal; detritus feeder; detritus eater; detritivore; detritophage Abfallfresser {m}; Detritusfresser {m}; Detritivor {m} [zool.]

detritus-feeding animals; detritus feeders; detritus eaters; detritivores; detritophages Abfallfresser {pl}; Detritusfresser {pl}; Detritivoren {pl}

ant-eater Ameisenfresser {m} [zool.]

ant-eaters Ameisenfresser {pl}

Bostonian; Beantowner [Am.] [pej.]; bean-eater [Am.] [pej.] Bostoner {m}; Einwohner Bostons {m} [soc.]

Bostonians; Beantowners; bean-eaters Bostoner {pl}; Einwohner Bostons {pl}

eater Esser {m}; Esserin {f}

eaters Esser {pl}; Esserinnen {pl}

meat eater Fleischesser {m}; Fleischesserin {f}

meat eaters Fleischesser {pl}; Fleischesserinnen {pl}

wood-eater; xylophage Holzfresser {m}; Lignivor {m}; Xylophage {m} [zool.]

wood-eaters; xylophages Holzfresser {pl}; Lignivoren {pl}; Xylophagen {pl}

insect-eater; insectivorous animal; insectivore Insektenfresser {m}; Entomophag {m} [zool.]

insect-eaters; insectivorous animals; insectivores Insektenfresser {pl}; Entomophagen {pl}

cannibal; man-eater Menschenfresser {m}; Menschenfresserin {f}

cannibals; man-eaters Menschenfresser {pl}; Menschenfresserinnen {pl}

herbivore; herbivorous animal; plant eater; plant feeder; herb eater; herb feeder Pflanzenfresser {m} [zool.]

herbivores; herbivorous animals; plant eaters; plant feeders; herb eaters; herb feeders Pflanzenfresser {pl}

cheese eater [Am.] [slang] Spitzel {m}; Zuträger {m}; Zinker {m} [ugs.]

cheese eaters Spitzel {pl}; Zuträger {pl}; Zinker {pl}

fire-eater Feuerschlucker {m}

fire-eaters Feuerschlucker {pl}

time eater; time killer; time sink Zeitfresser {m}

time eaters; time killers; time sinks Zeitfresser {pl}
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