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12 results for diodes
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varactor diode; varactor; varicap Abstimmdiode {f}; Kapazitätsvariationsdiode {f}; Kapazitätsdiode {f}; Sperrschichtvaraktordiode {f}; Varaktordiode {f}; Varaktor {m}; C-Diode {f} [electr.]

varactor diodes; varactors; varicaps Abstimmdioden {pl}; Kapazitätsvariationsdioden {pl}; Kapazitätsdioden {pl}; Sperrschichtvaraktordioden {pl}; Varaktordioden {pl}; Varaktoren {pl}; C-Dioden {pl}

backward diode; unitunnel diode; AU diode Backward-Diode {f} [electr.]

backward diodes; unitunnel diodes; AU diodes Backward-Dioden {pl}

peak limiter diode; clipper diode Begrenzerdiode {f}; Amplitudenbegrenzerdiode {f} [electr.]

peak limiter diodes; clipper diodes Begrenzerdioden {pl}; Amplitudenbegrenzerdioden {pl}

diode Diode {f} [electr.]

diodes Dioden {pl}

detector diode Detektordiode {f}

recovery diode Freilaufdiode {f}

rectifier diode Gleichrichterdiode {f}

tuner diode Kapazitätsvariationsdiode {f}; Kapazitätsdiode {f}

fast-recovery diode schnelle Diode

Schottky diode; hot-carrier diode Schottky-Diode

trapped plasma avalanche-triggered transit diode; TRAPATT diode Trapatt-Diode

breakdown diode; Zener diode Zener-Diode {f}

noble gas diode; rare gas diode Edelgasdiode {f} [electr.]

noble gas diodes; rare gas diodes Edelgasdioden {pl}

junction diode Flächendiode {f} [electr.]

junction diodes Flächendioden {pl}

Gunn diode Gunn-Diode {f} [electr.]

Gunn diodes Gunn-Dioden {pl}

laser diode Laserdiode {f}

laser diodes Laserdioden {pl}

light-emitting diode /LED/ Leuchtdiode {f}; Lumineszenzdiode {f}; LED {f} [electr.]

light-emitting diodes /LEDs/ Leuchtdioden {pl}; Lumineszenzdioden {pl}; LEDs {pl}

organic light emitting diode /OLED/ organische Leuchtdiode

voltage reference diode Referenzdiode {f} [electr.]

voltage reference diodes Referenzdioden {pl}

switching diode Schaltdiode {f} [electr.]

switching diodes Schaltdioden {pl}

pulse snap diode impulsgesteuerte Schaltdiode

decoupling diode Entkoppeldiode {f} [electr.]

decoupling diodes Entkoppeldioden {pl}
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