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customs-free zone; free trade zone /FTZ/; foreign trade zone; free zone; export processing zone /EPZ/ Zollfreigebiet {n}; Zollfreizone {f}; Freizone {f} [adm.]

customs-free zones; free trade zones; foreign trade zones; free zones; export processing zones Zollfreigebiete {pl}; Zollfreizonen {pl}; Freizonen {pl}

customs duty; duty; customs tariff; tariff (on the import/export of goods) [listen] [listen] Zollgebühr {f}; Zollabgabe {f}; Zoll {m} (bei der Ein-/Ausfuhr von Waren) [adm.] [fin.] [listen]

customs duties; duties; customs tariffs; tariffs [listen] Zollgebühren {pl}; Zollabgaben {pl}; Zölle {pl}

import duty; import tariff Einfuhrzoll {m}

penal duties; punitive tariffs Strafzölle {pl}

additional duty Zusatzzoll {m}

customs and excise dues Zölle und sonstige Abgaben

removal of custom tariffs Abbau der Zölle; Zollabbau {m}

to clear customs den Zoll abwickeln

to pay customs Zoll bezahlen

to avoid customs duty Zoll umgehen

to bear all customs duties and taxes alle Zollgebühren und Abgaben tragen

to bear any customs duties alle Zollgebühren übernehmen

customs house Zollhaus {n}; Zollhäuschen {n}

customs houses Zollhäuser {pl}; Zollhäuschen {pl}

douane (customs house in the Mediterranean) Zollhäuschen (im Mittelmeerraum) [hist.]

customs checkpoint; customs [coll.] [listen] Zollkontrollstelle {f}; Zollkontrollpunkt {m}; Zollkontrolle {f}; Zoll {m} [ugs.] [listen]

customs checkpoints Zollkontrollstellen {pl}; Zollkontrollpunkte {pl}; Zollkontrollen {pl}

to get through the customs durch den Zoll kommen

customs clearance Verzollung {f}

customs officer Zöllner {m}; Zöllnerin {f}

customs officers Zöllner {pl}; Zöllnerinnen {pl}

customs clearance Zollabfertigung {f}; Zollabwicklung {f}; Zollfreigabe {f}

customs clearances Zollabfertigungen {pl}

customs clearance costs; costs of customs clearance Zollabfertigungskosten {pl}; Verzollungskosten {pl}

customs permit; bill of clearance (ship's cargo); bill of entry [Br.] Zollabfertigungsschein {m} [adm.]

customs permits; bills of clearance; bills of entry Zollabfertigungsscheine {pl}

customs clearance process Zollabwicklungsvorgang {m}

customs house broker Zollagent {m}; Zollagentin {f}

customs house brokers Zollagenten {pl}; Zollagentinnen {pl}

customs office; customhouse Zollamt {n}; Zollstelle {f}

customs offices; customhouses Zollämter {pl}; Zollstellen {pl}

customs enclave Zollanschlussgebiet {n} [adm.]

customs enclaves Zollanschlussgebiete {pl}

customs application Zollantrag {m} [adm.]

customs applications Zollanträge {pl}

customs exclave Zollausschlussgebiet {n} [adm.]

customs exclaves Zollausschlussgebiete {pl}

customs official; customs officer Zollbeamte {m,f}; Zollbeamter

customs officials Zollbeamten {pl}

customs exemption; relief from customs duty Zollbefreiung {f} [adm.]

customs exemptions; reliefs from customs duties Zollbefreiungen {pl}

customs bond note; bond note Zollbegleitschein {m}; Warenbegleitschein {m} [adm.]

customs bond notes; bond notes Zollbegleitscheine {pl}; Warenbegleitscheine {pl}

customs authority Zollbehörde {f} [adm.]

customs authorities Zollbehörden {pl}

customs matters Zollbereich {m}; Zollwesen {n}

customs inspection; customs examination (of consignments) Zollbeschau {f}; Zollrevision {f}; Zollkontrolle {f} (von Warensendungen) [adm.]

customs assessment notice Zollbescheid {m} [adm.]

customs assessment notices Zollbescheide {pl}

customs regulations; tariff regulations; customs provisions Zollbestimmungen {pl}

customs district Zollbezirk {m} [adm.]

customs districts Zollbezirke {pl}

customs declaration Zollerklärung {f}; Zollanmeldung {f}

customs declarations Zollerklärungen {pl}; Zollanmeldungen {pl}

customs facilities Zollerleichterungen {f}

convention converning customs facilities for tourists multilaterales Abkommen über Zollerleichterungen im Fremdenverkehr

customs investigating office Zollfahndung {f}; Zollfahndungsstelle {f} (Dienststelle) [adm.]

customs investigating offices Zollfahndungen {pl}; Zollfahndungsstellen {pl}

customs form Zollformular {n}

customs forms Zollformulare {pl}

customs area Zollgebiet {n}

customs areas Zollgebiete {pl}

customs border Zollgrenze {f} [adm.]

customs borders Zollgrenzen {pl}

customs warehouse; bonded warehouse Zollgutlager {n}; Zolllager {n}; (staatliche) Zollniederlage {f} [adm.]

customs warehouses; bonded warehouses Zollgutlager {pl}; Zolllager {pl}; Zollniederlagen {pl}

customs warehousing Zollhinterlegung {f}; Stellung {f} unter Zollkontrolle [Schw.] [adm.]

customs dog Zollhund {m}

customs dogs Zollhunde {pl}

customs check Zollkontrolle {f} (Vorgang)

customs checks Zollkontrollen {pl}

customs warehousing procedure Zolllagerverfahren {n}; Zollgutlagerung {f} [adm.]

customs warehousing procedures Zolllagerverfahren {pl}; Zollgutlagerungen {pl}

customs documents Zollpapiere {pl}

customs seal Zollplombe {f}

customs seals Zollplomben {pl}

customs policy Zollpolitik {f}

customs law Zollrecht {n} [jur.]

customs barrier; tariff trade barrier Zollschranke {f}

customs barriers Zollschranken {pl}

customs tariff number Zolltarifnummer {f}

customs union Zollunion {f}

customs administration; customs authorities Zollverwaltung {f}; Zoll {m} [ugs.] [adm.] [listen]

customs regulations Zollvorschriften {pl}

customs force; customs [coll.] [listen] Zollwache {f}; Zoll {m} [ugs.] [adm.] [listen]

customs valuation Zollwertfestsetzung {f}; Zollbewertung {f}; zollamtliche Bewertung {f} [adm.]

customs handling Zollabwicklung {f} [econ.]

customs office Hauptzollamt {n}

customs administration Zollverwaltung {f}

customs post Zollstation {f}; Zollabfertigung {f}

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