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fume cupboard Abzugsschrank {m}; Abzug {m}; Kapelle {f}; Digestor {m} [chem.] [listen] [listen]

fume cupboards Abzugsschränke {pl}; Abzüge {pl}; Kapellen {pl}; Digestoren {pl}

sideboard cupboard; sideboard; credenza; buffet [Am.] [listen] Anrichteschrank {m}; Anrichte {f}; Büfett {n}; Buffet {n} [Ös.] [Schw.]; Kredenz {f} [Ös.] [veraltend]

sideboard cupboards; sideboards; credenzas; buffets Anrichteschränke {pl}; Anrichten {pl}; Büfetts {pl}; Büfette {pl}; Buffets {pl}; Kredenzen {pl}

broom cupboard; broom closet [Am.]; broom press [Ir.] [Sc.] Besenschrank {m}

broom cupboards; broom closets; broom presses Besenschränke {pl}

boiler cupboard; airing cupboard [Br.]; boiler closet [Am.]; hot press [Ir.] [Sc.] Boilerwäscheschrank {m}; Boilerschrank {m}

boiler cupboards; airing cupboards; boiler closets; hot presses Boilerwäscheschränke {pl}; Boilerschränke {pl}

bookcase; library cupboard [listen] Bücherschrank {m}; Bücherkasten {m} [Ös.]

bookcases; library cupboards Bücherschränke {pl}; Bücherkästen {pl}

office cupboard Büroschrank {m}

office cupboards Büroschränke {pl}

built-in cupboard; cupboard [Br.]; built-in wardrobe [Br.]; fitted wardrobe [Br.]; wardrobe [Br.]; built-in closet [Am.]; built-in press [Ir.] [Sc.] [listen] [listen] Einbauschrank {m}

built-in cupboards; cupboards; built-in wardrobes; fitted wardrobes; wardrobes; built-in closets; built-in presses Einbauschränke {pl}

walk-in cupboard [Br.]; walk-in closet [Am.]; closet [Am.] [listen] begehbarer Schrank

furnishing Einrichtung {f}; Einrichtungsgegenstände {pl} [arch.] [listen]

interior furnishing(s) Inneneinrichtung {f}

indoor furnishing(s) Zimmereinrichtung {f}

a large room filled with luxurious furnishings ein großer Raum mit luxuriösen Einrichtungsgegenständen

The furnishing comprised two cupboards, one oval table and three chairs. Die Einrichtung umfasste zwei Schränke, einen ovalen Tisch und drei Stühle.

poison cabinet; poison cupboard Giftschrank {m}

poison cabinets; poison cupboards Giftschränke {pl}

wall-hanging cupboard; hanging cupboard Hängeschrank {m}; Hängekasterl {n} [Ös.]

wall-hanging cupboards; hanging cupboards Hängeschränke {pl}; Hängekasterl {pl}

tall cupboard Hochschrank {m}

tall cupboards Hochschränke {pl}

kitchen cabinet; kitchen cupboard; kitchen unit Küchenschrank {m}

kitchen cabinets; kitchen cupboards; kitchen units Küchenschränke {pl}

wall cupboard Oberbauschrank {m}; Oberschrank {m}; Oberbaukasterl {n} [Ös.]

wall cupboards Oberbauschränke {pl}; Oberschränke {pl}; Oberbaukasterl {pl}

cupboard; closet [Am.]; press [Ir.] [Sc.] [listen] [listen] [listen] Schrank {m}; Kasten {m} [Süddt.] [listen] [listen]

cupboards; closets; presses Schränke {pl}; Kästen {pl}

cutlery cabinet Besteckschrank {m}

dish cupboard; dish closet [Am.] Geschirrschrank {m}

food cupboard; food closet [Am.] Lebensmittelschrank {m}; Speiseschrank {m}; Essenschrank {m}

china cupboard Porzellanschrank {m}

shoe cupboard Schuhschrank {m}

glass cupboard; glass cabinet; glass press [Ir.] [Sc.] Vitrinenschrank {m}; Glasschrank {m} [ugs.]

armoire großer, freistehender Schrank

compartment/cabinet drier; drying chamber/closet/cupboard/oven [listen] Schranktrockner {m}

compartment/cabinet driers; drying chambers/closets/cupboards/ovens Schranktrockner {pl}

case; cabinet; cupboard [listen] [listen] [listen] Schrein {m}

cases; cabinets; cupboards [listen] Schreine {pl}

base cupboard; floor cupboard Unterbauschrank {m}; Unterschrank {m}; Unterbaukasterl {n} [Ös.]

base cupboards; floor cupboards Unterbauschränke {pl}; Unterschränke {pl}; Unterbaukasterl {pl}

warming/hot cabinet; warming cupboard; hot box [listen] Wärmeschrank {m}

warming/hot cabinets; warming cupboards; hot boxes Wärmeschränke {pl}

laundry cupboard; linen cupboard; linen closet [Am.]; linen press [Ir.] [Sc.] Wäscheschrank {m}

laundry cupboards; linen cupboards; linen closets; linen presses Wäscheschränke {pl}
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