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56 results for coral
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coral beauty Blauschwarzer Streifen-Zwergkaiserfisch {m}; Kennedys Zwergkaiserfisch {m}; Blauschwarzer Herzogfisch {m} (Centropyge bispinosa) [zool.]

coral necklace Knorpelkraut {n}; quirlige Knorpelmiere {f} (Illecebrum verticillatum) [bot.]

coral Koralle {f} [zool.]

corals Korallen {pl}

coral reforestation Korallenaufforstung {f} [envir.]

coral trees (botanical genus) Korallenbäume {pl} (Erythrina) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

coral fisherman Korallenfischer {m}

coral fishermen Korallenfischer {pl}

coral growth Korallengestrüpp {n}

coral island Koralleninsel {f}

coral islands Koralleninseln {pl}

coral fungi (botanical genus) Korallenpilze {pl} (Clavulina) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

coral reef; coralbank; coral shoal Korallenriff {n}; Korallenbank {f}

coral reefs; coralbanks Korallenriffs {pl}; Korallenbänke {pl}

Coral snake (shield-nosed cobra) Korallenschlange {f} (Scheinkobra, Schildkobra) [zool.]

false coral snake falsche Korallenschlange {f} [zool.]

coral die-off; coral mortality Korallensterben {n} [envir.]

coral peas (botanical genus) Purpurbohnen {pl}; Kennedien {pl} (Kennedia) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

coral lime Korallenkalk {m}

flower coral Bäumchen-Weichkoralle {f} (Dendronephthya spp.) [zool.]

cup coral Becherkoralle {f} (Turbinaria spp.) [zool.]

cup corals Becherkorallen {pl}

bubble coral Blasenkoralle {f} (Plerogyra spp.) [zool.]

bubble corals Blasenkorallen {pl}

cauliflower coral Blumenkohlkoralle {f}; Broccolikoralle {f} (Cladiella spp.) [zool.]

hammer(head) coral Bohnenkoralle {f}; Hammerkoralle {f} (Euphyllia ancora) [zool.]

hammer(head) corals Bohnenkorallen {pl}; Hammerkorallen {pl}

tree coral Broccoli-Koralle {f}; Blumenkohl-Koralle {f} (Nephthea sp.) [zool.]

branch coral Fingerkoralle {f} (Caulastrea spp.) [zool.]

branch corals Fingerkorallen {pl}

finger mushroom coral Fingerlederkoralle {f} (Lobophytum spp.) [zool.]

finger mushroom corals Fingerlederkorallen {pl}

cabbage coral Gelappte Lederkoralle {f} (Sinularia dura) [zool.]

staghorn coral Geweihkoralle {f} (Acropora spp.) [zool.]

fire coral eel Goldschwanzmuräne {f} (Gymnothorax miliaris) [zool.]

closed brain coral Hirnkoralle {f} (Favia spp.; Favites spp.) [zool.]

tube coral Kelchkoralle {f} (Tubastrea spp.) [zool.]

tube corals Kelchkorallen {pl}

bead plants; coral beads; pincushions (botanical genus) Korallenbeeren {pl} (Nertera) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

tooth coral Kristallkoralle {f} (Galaxea fascicularis) [zool.]

pipe organ coral Orgelkoralle {f} (Tubipora spp.) [zool.]

pipe organ corals Orgelkorallen {pl}

mushroom coral; toadstool (leather) coral Pilzlederkoralle {f} (Sarcophyton spp.) [zool.]

flower pot coral Porenkoralle {f} (Goniopora spp.) [zool.]

flower pot corals Porenkorallen {pl}

button coral Rosenkoralle {f} (Cynarina spp.); Solitärkoralle {f} (Scolymia) [zool.]

button corals Rosenkorallen {pl}; Solitärkorallen {pl}

open brain coral Rosenkoralle {f} (Trachyphyllia spp.); Doldenkoralle {f} (Lobophyllia spp.) [zool.]

open brain corals Rosenkorallen {pl}; Doldenkorallen {pl}

lettuce coral Salatblatt-Koralle {f} (Pectinia paeonia) [zool.]

pearl coral Spitze Blasenkoralle {f}; Ballonkoralle {f} (Physogyra lichtensteini) [zool.]

pearl corals Spitze Blasenkorallen {pl}; Ballonkorallen {pl}

horn coral Stachelkoralle {f}; Pickelkoralle {f} (Hydnophora spp.) [zool.]

horn corals Stachelkorallen {pl}; Pickelkorallen {pl}

soft coral Weichkoralle {f} [zool.]

soft corals Weichkorallen {pl}

Christmas tree coral Weihnachtsbaumkoralle {f} (Studeriotes longiramosa) [zool.]

Christmas tree corals Weihnachtsbaumkorallen {pl}

vine cactus; ocotillo; desert coral; coachwhip; Jacob's staff Weinkaktus {m}; Ocotillo {m} (Fouquieria splendens) [bot.]

elegance coral; elegant coral Wunderkoralle {f} (Catalaphyllia spp.) [zool.]

elegance corals; elegant corals Wunderkorallen {pl}

slipper coral Zungenkoralle {f} (Polyphyllia talpina) [zool.]

tongue coral Zungenkoralle {f} (Herpolitha spp.; Polyphyllia spp.) [zool.]

coral-like korallenartig {adj}

pipe coral (Blastomussa spp.) [zool.]

frogspawn coral (Euphyllia divisa) [zool.]

fox coral; jasmine coral (Nemenzophyllia turbida) [zool.]

jasmine coral; fox coral (Nemenzophyllia turbida) [zool.]

starburst coral (Xenia spp.) [zool.]

coral-billed ground cuckoo Renauldkuckuck {m} [ornith.]

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