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constituency; ward; voting/electoral district [Am.]; voting/electoral precinct [Am.]; electorate [Austr.] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] Wahlkreis {m}; Wahlbezirk {m} [pol.]

constituencies; wards; voting/electoral districts; voting/electoral precincts; electorates Wahlkreise {pl}; Wahlbezirke {pl}

regional constituency Regionalwahlkreis {m}

redraw constituency boundaries Wahlkreise neu zuschneiden

constituency surgery (held by a member of Parliament) [Br.] Bürgersprechstunde {f} (eines Parlamentsabgeordneten) [pol.]

constituency office Wahlkreisbüro {n}

constituency offices Wahlkreisbüros {pl}

direct mandate; directly elected seat; constituency seat Direktmandat {n} [pol.]

direct mandates; directly elected seats; constituency seats Direktmandate {pl}

by direct mandate durch Direktmandat

clause which allows parties which win three constituency seats to be represented in Parliament even if they have not reached 5 per cent of the vote Grundmandatsklausel {f} [pol.]

member representing a constituency Wahlkreisabgeordneter {m} [pol.]