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distribution of compartments (railway) Abteileinteilung {f} (Bahn)

creation of fire compartments Brandabschnittsbildung {f}

division into fire compartments Brandabschnittsunterteilung {f}

compartment [listen] Abteil {n}

compartments Abteile {pl}

first class compartment Erste-Klasse-Abteil {n}; Abteil erster Klasse

second class compartment Zweite-Klasse-Abteil {n}; Abteil zweiter Klasse

compartment (of a ship) [listen] Abteilung {f}; Sektor {m} (eines Schiffes) [listen]

compartments Abteilungen {pl}; Sektoren {pl}

desk compartment (school desk) Bankfach {n} (Schulbank)

desk compartments Bankfächer {pl}

Put your books in your desks. Gebt eure Bücher ins Bankfach.

fire compartment; fire area; fire lobby Brandabschnitt {m}

fire compartments; fire areas; fire lobbies Brandabschnitte {pl}

main fire compartment; main zone Hauptbrandabschnitt {m}

main fire compartments; main zones Hauptbrandabschnitte {pl}

flight compartment; cockpit Cockpit {n}; Pilotenkanzel {f}; Flugzeugkanzel {f} [aviat.]

flight compartments; cockpits Cockpits {pl}; Pilotenkanzeln {pl}; Flugzeugkanzeln {pl}

underfloor cockpit Unterflurcockpit {n}

train compartment; compartment (railway) [listen] Eisenbahnabteil {n}; Zugabteil {n}; Zugsabteil {n} [Ös.]; Coupé {n} [Ös.]; Wagenabteil {n} [adm.]; Abteil {n} (Bahn)

train compartments Eisenbahnabteile {pl}; Zugabteile {pl}; Zugsabteile {pl}; Wagenabteile {pl}; Abteile {pl}

compartment (separate section of a container/piece of furniture) [listen] Fach {n} (Abteilung eines Behälters/Möbelstücks) [listen]

compartments Fächer {pl} [listen]

compartment of a desk Fach eines Pultes

compartment of a suitcase Fach eines Koffers

compartment of a freezer Fach eines Kühlschranks

The kitchen cabinet is very practical. There are lots of compartments. Der Küchenschrank ist sehr praktisch. Er hat viele Fächer.

cargo hold; freight hold; belly hold; cargo compartment; freight compartment; cargo bay; cargo space; freight space Frachtraum {m}; Laderaum {m} [aviat.] [naut.]

cargo holds; freight holds; belly holds; cargo compartments; freight compartments; cargo bays; cargo spaces; freight spaces Frachträume {pl}; Laderäume {pl}

the/a plane's hold der Laderaum des/eines Flugzeugs

the/a ship's hold der Laderaum des/eines Schiffs

forehold vorderer Laderaum

freezing compartment; freezer (of refrigerator) Gefrierfach {n} (im Kühlschrank)

freezing compartments; freezers Gefrierfächer {pl}

luggage compartment [Br.]; baggage compartment [Am.] (coach; train; plane) Gepäckfach {n}; Gepäcksfach {n}; Gepäckablage {f}; Gepäcksablage {f}; Ablagefach {n} (Reisebus; Zug; Flugzeug)

luggage compartments; baggage compartments Gepäckfächer {pl}; Gepäcksfächer {pl}; Gepäckablagen {pl}; Gepäcksablagen {pl}; Ablagefächer {pl}

overhead compartment Gepäckfach/Gepäckablage/Ablagefach über den Sitzen

luggage hold [Br.]; luggage compartment [Br.]; baggage hold [Am.]; baggage compartment [Am.] (coach; plane) Gepäckraum {m}; Gepäcksraum {m} (Reisebus; Flugzeug)

luggage holds; luggage compartments; baggage holds; baggage compartments Gepäckräume {pl}; Gepäcksräume {pl}

underfloor hold; underfloor compartment Unterflurgepäckraum {m}

glove compartment; glove box; glove locker Handschuhfach {n} [auto]

glove compartments; glove boxes; glove lockers Handschuhfächer {pl}

passenger compartment Innenraum {m}; Fahrgastraum {m} [auto]

passenger compartments Innenräume {pl}; Fahrgasträume {pl}

cellar compartment [Br.] Kellerabteil {n}; Kellerverschlag {m} [constr.]

cellar compartments Kellerabteile {pl}; Kellerverschläge {pl}

lengthwise; lengthways; longitudinally; in longitudinal direction der Länge nach; in Längsrichtung {adv}

to halve the potatoes lengthwise die Kartoffeln der Länge nach halbieren

The hull is subdivided lengthways into watertight compartments. Der Rumpf ist in Längsrichtung in wasserdichte Abteilungen unterteilt.

It can be adjusted lengthwise/in longitudinal direction. Es kann in Längsrichtung verstellt werden.

machinery compartment (of a ropeway etc.) Maschinenraum {m} (einer Seilbahn usw.)

machinery compartments Maschinenräume {pl}

sample compartment; sample chamber Probenraum {m} (Labor)

sample compartments; sample chambers Probenräume {pl}

smoking compartment; smoker Raucherabteil {n}

smoking compartments; smokers Raucherabteile {pl}

sleeping carriage compartment; sleeping coach compartment [Br.]; sleeping car compartment [Am.]; sleeper compartment (railway) Schlafwagenabteil {n} (Bahn) [transp.]

sleeping carriage compartments; sleeping coach compartments; sleeping car compartments; sleeper compartments Schlafwagenabteile {pl}

compartment [listen] Schott {n}; Schotte {f} [naut.]

compartments Schotten {pl}

pigeonhole; open-fronted compartment Sortierfach {n} [adm.]

pigeonholes; open-fronted compartments Sortierfächer {pl}

dust compartment (vacuum cleaner component) Staubraum {m} (Teil eines Staubsaugers)

dust compartments Staubräume {pl}

freezer compartment Tiefkühlfach {n}

freezer compartments Tiefkühlfächer {pl}

air compartment Wetterturm {m} [min.]

air compartments Wettertürme {pl}

accessories compartment (vacuum cleaner component) Zubehörfach {n} (Teil eines Staubsaugers)

accessories compartments Zubehörfächer {pl}

additional compartment; extra compartment Zusatzfach {n}

additional compartments; extra compartments Zusatzfächer {pl}
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