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distribution of compartments (railway) Abteileinteilung {f} (Bahn)

creation of fire compartments Brandabschnittsbildung {f}

division into fire compartments Brandabschnittsunterteilung {f}

compartment [listen] Abteil {n}

compartments Abteile {pl}

compartment (of a ship) [listen] Abteilung {f}; Sektor {m} (eines Schiffes) [listen]

compartments Abteilungen {pl}; Sektoren {pl}

desk compartment (school desk) Bankfach {n} (Schulbank)

desk compartments Bankfächer {pl}

Put your books in your desks. Gebt eure Bücher ins Bankfach.

fire compartment; fire area; fire lobby Brandabschnitt {m}

fire compartments; fire areas; fire lobbies Brandabschnitte {pl}

flight compartment; cockpit Cockpit {n}; Pilotenkanzel {f}; Flugzeugkanzel {f} [aviat.]

flight compartments; cockpits Cockpits {pl}; Pilotenkanzeln {pl}; Flugzeugkanzeln {pl}

underfloor cockpit Unterflurcockpit {n}

train compartment; compartment (railway) [listen] Eisenbahnabteil {n}; Zugabteil {n}; Zugsabteil {n} [Ös.]; Coupé {n} [Ös.]; Wagenabteil {n} [adm.]; Abteil {n} (Bahn)

train compartments Eisenbahnabteile {pl}; Zugabteile {pl}; Zugsabteile {pl}; Wagenabteile {pl}; Abteile {pl}

compartment (separate section of a container/piece of furniture) [listen] Fach {n} (Abteilung eines Behälters/Möbelstücks) [listen]

compartments Fächer {pl} [listen]

compartment of a desk Fach eines Pultes

compartment of a suitcase Fach eines Koffers

compartment of a freezer Fach eines Kühlschranks

The kitchen cabinet is very practical. There are lots of compartments. Der Küchenschrank ist sehr praktisch. Er hat viele Fächer.

cargo hold; freight hold; belly hold; cargo compartment; freight compartment; cargo bay; cargo space; freight space Frachtraum {m}; Laderaum {m} [aviat.] [naut.]

cargo holds; freight holds; belly holds; cargo compartments; freight compartments; cargo bays; cargo spaces; freight spaces Frachträume {pl}; Laderäume {pl}

the/a plane's hold der Laderaum des/eines Flugzeugs

the/a ship's hold der Laderaum des/eines Schiffs

forehold vorderer Laderaum

freezing compartment; freezer (of refrigerator) Gefrierfach {n} (im Kühlschrank)

freezing compartments; freezers Gefrierfächer {pl}

luggage compartment [Br.]; baggage compartment [Am.] (coach; train; plane) Gepäckfach {n}; Gepäcksfach {n}; Gepäckablage {f}; Gepäcksablage {f}; Ablagefach {n} (Reisebus; Zug; Flugzeug)

luggage compartments; baggage compartments Gepäckfächer {pl}; Gepäcksfächer {pl}; Gepäckablagen {pl}; Gepäcksablagen {pl}; Ablagefächer {pl}

overhead compartment Gepäckfach/Gepäckablage/Ablagefach über den Sitzen

luggage hold [Br.]; luggage compartment [Br.]; baggage hold [Am.]; baggage compartment [Am.] (coach; plane) Gepäckraum {m}; Gepäcksraum {m} (Reisebus; Flugzeug)

luggage holds; luggage compartments; baggage holds; baggage compartments Gepäckräume {pl}; Gepäcksräume {pl}

underfloor hold; underfloor compartment Unterflurgepäckraum {m}

glove compartment; glove box; glove locker Handschuhfach {n} [auto]

glove compartments; glove boxes; glove lockers Handschuhfächer {pl}

passenger compartment Innenraum {m}; Fahrgastraum {m} [auto]

passenger compartments Innenräume {pl}; Fahrgasträume {pl}

cellar compartment [Br.] Kellerabteil {n}; Kellerverschlag {m} [constr.]

cellar compartments Kellerabteile {pl}; Kellerverschläge {pl}

machinery compartment (of a ropeway etc.) Maschinenraum {m} (einer Seilbahn usw.)

machinery compartments Maschinenräume {pl}

sample compartment; sample chamber Probenraum {m} (Labor)

sample compartments; sample chambers Probenräume {pl}

smoking compartment; smoker Raucherabteil {n}

smoking compartments; smokers Raucherabteile {pl}

sleeping carriage compartment; sleeping coach compartment [Br.]; sleeping car compartment [Am.]; sleeper compartment (railway) Schlafwagenabteil {n} (Bahn) [transp.]

sleeping carriage compartments; sleeping coach compartments; sleeping car compartments; sleeper compartments Schlafwagenabteile {pl}

pigeonhole; open-fronted compartment Sortierfach {n} [adm.]

pigeonholes; open-fronted compartments Sortierfächer {pl}

dust compartment (vacuum cleaner component) Staubraum {m} (Teil eines Staubsaugers)

dust compartments Staubräume {pl}

freezer compartment Tiefkühlfach {n}

freezer compartments Tiefkühlfächer {pl}

air compartment Wetterturm {m} [min.]

air compartments Wettertürme {pl}

accessories compartment (vacuum cleaner component) Zubehörfach {n} (Teil eines Staubsaugers)

accessories compartments Zubehörfächer {pl}

additional compartment; extra compartment Zusatzfach {n}

additional compartments; extra compartments Zusatzfächer {pl}
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