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to coauthor; to co-author zusammen verfassen {vt}

coauthoring; co-authoring zusammen verfassend

coauthored; co-authored zusammen verfasst

co-author; coauthor; co-writer Mitautor {m}; Mitautorin {f}; Co-Autor {m}; Co-Autorin {f}; Miturheber {m}; Miturheberin {f}

co-authors; coauthors; co-writers Mitautoren {pl}; Mitautorinnen {pl}; Co-Autoren {pl}; Co-Autorinnen {pl}; Miturheber {pl}; Miturheberinnen {pl}

co-writer of the script Mitautor/Co-Autor des Drehbuchs

co-author; coauthor; joint author Mitverfasser {m}; Mitverfasserin {f}

co-authors; coauthors; joint authors Mitverfasser {pl}; Mitverfasserinnen {pl}