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98 results for chloride
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chloride-containing; containing chloride (postpositive) chloridhaltig; chloridhältig [Ös.] {adj} [chem.]

high-chloride water stark chloridhaltiges Wasser

chloride pollution Chloridbelastung {f}

chloride meter Chloridmeter {n} [chem.]

polyvinyl chloride /PVC/ Polyvinylchlorid {n} /PVC/ [chem.]

chlorinated polyvinyl chloride chloriertes Polyvinylchlorid; chloriertes PVC /PVC-C/

postchlorinated PVC nachchloriertes PVC

alkyl chloride Alkylchlorid {n} [chem.]

gelatino-chloride Chlorgelatine {f}

chloride Chlorid {n} [chem.]

hydrogen chloride /HCI/ Chlorwasserstoff {m}; Wasserstoffchlorid {n}; Hydrogenchlorid {n} /HCI/ [chem.]

iron chloride Eisenchlorid {n} [chem.]

ferric chloride Eisen-3-chlorid {n}; Eisen(III)-chlorid {n} [chem.]

potassium chloride Kaliumchlorid {n} [chem.]

magnesium chloride Magnesiumchlorid {n} [chem.]

chloromethane; methyl chloride Monochlormethan {n}; Chlormethan {n}; Methylchlorid {n} [chem.]

sodium chloride; native salt Natriumchlorid {n} /NaCl/ (Kochsalz) [chem.]

ammonium chloride Salmiak {m} [chem.]

Triphenyl tetrazolium chloride /TTC/; tetrazolium chloride Triphenyltetrazoliumchlorid {n} /TTC/; Tetrazoliumchlorid {n} [chem.]

zinc chloride Zinkchlorid {n} [chem.]

tin dichloride; tin(II) chloride; stannous chloride Zinndichlorid {n}; Zinn(II)-chlorid {n} (SnCl2) [chem.]

barium chloride Bariumchlorid {n} [techn.]

acetylcholine chloride Acetylcholinchlorid {n} [chem.]

acriflavinium chloride Acriflaviniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

alcuronium chloride Alcuroniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

allyl chloride Allylchlorid {n} [chem.]

aluminium chloride Aluminiumchlorid {n} [chem.]

ambenonium chloride Ambenoniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

azaspirium chloride Azaspiriumchlorid {n} [chem.]

benzalkonium chloride Benzalkoniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

benzethonium chloride Benzethoniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

benzoxonium chloride Benzoxoniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

benzoyl chloride Benzoylchlorid {n} [chem.]

bismuth chloride oxide Bismutchloridoxid {n} [chem.]

bromine chloride Bromchlorid {n} [chem.]

cadmium chloride Cadmiumchlorid {n} [chem.]

carcainium chloride Carcainiumchlorid {n} [chem.]

carpronium chloride Carproniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

cefmepidium chloride Cefmepidiumchlorid {n} [chem.]

cetalkonium chloride Cetalkoniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

cethexonium chloride Cethexoniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

cyanogen chloride Chlorcyan {n} [chem.]

choline chloride Cholinchlorid {n} [chem.]

cyanogen chloride Cyanogenchlorid {n} [chem.]

datelliptium chloride Datelliptiumchlorid {n} [chem.]

dequalinium chloride Dechaliniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

dibrospidium chloride Dibrospidiumchlorid {n} [chem.]

disiquonium chloride Disichoniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

ditercalinium chloride Ditercaliniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

dofamium chloride Dofamiumchlorid {n} [chem.]

doxacurium chloride Doxacuriumchlorid {n} [chem.]

Calcium chloride Calciumchlorid {n} [chem.]

edrophonium chloride Edrophoniumchlorid {n} [chem.]

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