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aluminium can [Br.]; aluminium tin [Br.]; aluminum can [Am.] Aluminiumdose {f}; Aludose {f} [ugs.]

aluminium cans; aluminium tins; aluminum cans Aluminiumdosen {pl}; Aludosen {pl}

petrol can; gasoline can Benzinkanister {m}

petrol cans; gasoline cans Benzinkanister {pl}

tin can; steel can; tin packaging; steel packaging Blechdose {f}; Dose {f}; Blechbüchse {f}; Büchse {f}; Blechgefäß {n}; Zinnblechbüchse {f}

tin cans; steel cans; tin packagings; steel packagings Blechdosen {pl}; Dosen {pl}; Blechbüchsen {pl}; Büchsen {pl}; Blechgefäße {pl}; Zinnblechbüchsen {pl}

little tin; tinlet Döschen {n}; kleine Dose {f}

black can; black tin [Br.] Schwarzblechdose; Schwarzblechbüchse {f}

can with slip lid; slip-lid can; slip-lid tin [Br.] Stülpdeckeldose {f}

rounded edge can; rounded edge tin [Br.] unrunde Dose; Büchse mit abgerundeten Kanten

a square biscuit tin [Br.]; a square cookie can [Am.] eine viereckige Keksdose

tin canister hohe (meist runde) Blechdose

combustor can; burner can Brennerrohr {n} [aviat.]

combustor cans; burner cans Brennerrohre {pl}

can ring-pull [Br.]; can pull tab [Am.] (on beverage cans) Dosenring {m} (auf Getränkedosen)

can ring-pulls; can pull tabs Dosenringe {pl}

press-in lid can; lever lid can; single-friction can; full-friction can Eindrückdeckeldose {f} [cook.]

preses-in lid cans; lever lid cans; single-friction cans; full-friction cans Eindrückdeckeldosen {pl}

bottle deposit; deposit [listen] Flaschenpfand {n}; Pfand {n}; Einsatz {m} [Ös.]; Flaschendepot {m} [Schw.] [listen]

deposit on drink cans and disposable bottles Einwegpfand {m}

deposit for returnable bottles; deposit for reusable bottles Mehrwegpfand {m}

to pay a deposit on sth. für etw. Pfand zahlen

beverage can; drink can; beverage tin [Br.]; drink tin [Br.] Getränkedose {f}

beverage cans; drink cans; beverage tins; drink tins Getränkedosen {pl}

beer can; beer tin [Br.] Bierdose {f}

watering can; watering pot Gießkanne {f}; Spritzkrug {m} [Süddt.]

watering cans Gießkannen {pl}; Spritzkrüge {pl}

can; metal container; canister [listen] Kanister {m}

cans; metal containers; canisters Kanister {pl}

can [listen] Kanne {f}; Gießgefäß {n} [listen]

cans Kannen {pl}; Gießgefäße {pl}

tin can; can; tin [Br.] (for preserving food) [listen] [listen] Konservendose {f}; Konservenbüchse {f} [cook.]

tin cans; cans; tins Konservendosen {pl}; Konservenbüchsen {pl}

milk churn [Br.]; milk can [Am.] Milchkanne {f} [agr.]

milk churns; milk cans Milchkannen {pl}

bin container; dustbin [Br.] (with lid); rubbish bin [Br.] (with lid); litter bin [Br.] (without lid); garbage can [Am.]; trash can [Am.]; trash bin [Am.] [listen] Mülltonne {f}; Abfalltonne {f}; Müllcontainer {m}; Dranktonne {f} [Norddt.]; Coloniakübel {f} [Ös.] [veraltet] (öffentlicher Behälter zur Müllabfuhr) [envir.]

bin containers; dustbins; rubbish bins; litter bins; garbage cans; trash cans; trash bins Mülltonnen {pl}; Abfalltonnen {pl}; Müllcontainer {pl}; Dranktonnen {pl}; Coloniakübel {pl}

wheelie bin [Br.]; mobile garbage bin /MGB/ [Am.] Mülltonne mit Rädern

ring-pull can [Br.]; pop-top can [Am.] Ringpulldose {f}; Aufreißdose {f} (für Getränke)

ring-pull cans; pop-top cans Ringpulldosen {pl}; Aufreißdosen {pl}

spray can; aerosol can; aerosol bomb; aerosol spray; aerosol; spray [listen] Sprühdose {f}; Sprühflasche {f}; Spraydose {f}; Aerosoldose {f}

spray cans; aerosol cans; aerosol bombs; aerosol sprays; aerosols; sprays Sprühdosen {pl}; Sprühflaschen {pl}; Spraydosen {pl}; Aerosoldosen {pl}
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