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hard; high in calcium carbonate (water) [listen] hart; sehr kalkhaltig; sehr kalkhältig [Ös.] (Wasser) {adj} [listen]

calcium carbonate Kalziumkarbonat {n}; kohlensaurer Kalk {m} [chem.]

precipitated calcium carbonate /PPC/; precipitated chalk ausgefälltes Kalziumkarbonat; gefälltes Kalziumkarbonat; Kalziumpräzipitat {m}

ground calcium carbonate gemahlenes Kalziumkarbonat

calcium precipitation (metallurgy) Kalkabscheidung {f} (Metallurgie) [techn.]

calcium hardness (of the water) Kalkhärte {f} (des Wassers)

calcium arsenate Kalziumarsenat {n} [chem.]

calcium benzoate Kalziumbenzoat {n} [chem.]

calcium borate frit Kalziumboratfritte {f}

calcium chlorid Kalziumchlorid {n} [chem.]

calcium hydrogen carbonate Kalziumhydrogenkarbonat {n} [chem.]

calcium hydroxide; hydrated lime Kalziumhydroxid {n}; Weißkalkhydrat {n}; Kalkhydrat {n}; Hydratkalk {m} [chem.]

calcium carbonate equivalent Kalziumkarbonat-Äquivalent {n} [chem.]

calcium phosphate Kalziumphosphat {n} [chem.]

Calcium stearate; Ca-stearate Kalziumstearat {n} [chem.]

calcium sulfate Kalziumsulfat {n} [chem.]

calcium sulfate dihydrate Kalziumsulfat-Dihydrat {n} [chem.]

calcium Calcium {n} (Kalzium) /Ca/ [chem.]

calcium acetate Calciumacetat {n} [chem.]

calcium carbide Calciumcarbid {n} [chem.]

calcium formate Calciumformiat {n} [chem.]

calcium hexaboride Calciumhexaborid {n} [chem.]

calcium hydroxide suspension Calciumhydroxidsuspension {f} [chem.]

calcium hypochlorite Calciumhypochlorit {n} [chem.]

calcium metal Calciummetall {n} [chem.]

calcium powder Calciumpulver {n} [chem.]

calcium silicate Calciumsilicat {n} [chem.]

Calcium chloride Calciumchlorid {n} [chem.]

calcic; calcium-containing; containing calcium kalziumhaltig; kalziumhältig [Ös.] {adj}

rich in calcium kalziumreich; reich an Kalzium {adj}

chlorinated lime; calcium hypochlorite; bleaching powder Chlorkalk {m}; Bleichkalk {m}; Kalziumchloridhypochlorit {n}; Kalziumhypochlorit {n} [chem.]

lime content; calcium carbonate content Kalkgehalt {m}

hepar calcies; sulfurated lime; calcium sulfide Kalkleber {f} [chem.]

limewater (diluted solution of calcium hydroxide) Kalk-Sinterwasser {n}; Kalkwasser {n}; Sinterwasser {n} (wässrige Kalziumhydroxid-Lösung) [chem.]

alumina cement; aluminous cement; calcium aluminate cement Tonerdezement {m}

anhydrite; anhydrous calcium sulphate; anhydrous gypsum; karstenite; muriacite; cube spar Anhydrit {n} [chem.] [geol.]

rock anhydrite massager Anhydrit

apatite; calcium phosphate Apatit {m} [min.]

lime [listen] Kalk {m}

calcium bicarbonate doppelkohlensaurer Kalk

free lime Freikalk {m}

slaked lime; slack lime; pickling lime; hydrated lime; builders' lime gelöschter Kalk; Löschkalk {m}

carbonate of lime kohlensaurer Kalk

unslaked lime; anhydrous lime; unhydrated lime [rare]; burnt lime; calcinated lime; quicklime; live lime; caustic lime; calcium oxide ungelöschter Kalk; gebrannter Kalk; Branntkalk {m}; Ätzkalk {m}; Kalkerde {f}; Kalziumoxid {n}; Kalziumoxyd {n}

nitrate Nitrat {n} [chem.]

nitrates Nitrate {pl}

calcium nitrate Calciumnitrat {n}

chlorine nitrate Chlornitrat {n}

depletion (reduction of substances in the body) [listen] Verarmung {f}; Depletion {f} (Schwund von Substanzen im Körper) [med.]

glycogen depletion Glykogenverarmung {f}

potassium depletion Kaliumverarmung {f}

calcium depletion Kalziumverarmung {f}

salt depletion Kochsalzverarmung {f}

mineral depletion Mineralstoffverarmung {f}

melatonin depletion Melatoninverarmung {f}

water depletion Wasserverarmung {f}
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