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shooting range; firing range; shooting butts Schießplatz {m}; Schießstand {m} [mil.] [sport]

shooting ranges; firing ranges; shooting butts Schießplätze {pl}; Schießstände {pl}

indoor schooting range; indoor firing range Schießanlage {f}

rifle range Gewehrschießstand {m}

pistol range Pistolenschießstand {m}

police firing range Polizeischießstand {m}

gallery range Zimmerschießstand {m}

black ends black butts Abbrand {m} (Koks)

butts Scheibenstand {m}

butt stock of a/the gun; butt of a/the gun; gun butt; rifle butt; shotgun butt Gewehrkolben {m} [mil.]

gun butts; rifle butts; shotgun butts Gewehrkolben {pl}

head butt; headbutt Kopfstoß {m}

head butts; headbutts Kopfstöße {pl}

to headbutt sb. jdm. einen Kopfstoß versetzen

water butt Regentonne {f}

water butts Regentonnen {pl}

round shooting target; shooting butt Zielscheibe {f}; Schießscheibe {f}

round shooting targets; shooting butts Zielscheiben {pl}; Schießscheiben {pl}

folding target Klappfallscheibe {f}

(cigarette) stub; (cigarette) end; butt end; butt; fag end [listen] [listen] [listen] Zigarettenstummel {m}; Zigarettenkippe {f} [Dt.]; Kippe {f} [Dt.]; Tschick {m} [Ös.]

stubs; ends; butt ends; butts; fag ends Zigarettenstummel {pl}; Zigarettenkippen {pl}; Kippen {pl}; Tschicks {pl}

to interject; to interpose; to interpolate; to chime in; to chip in [Br.]; to weigh in [coll.]; to butt in [coll.] etw. einwerfen {v} [ling.]

interjecting; interposing; interpolating; chiming in; chiping in; weighing in; butting in einwerfend

interjected; interposed; interpolated; chimed in; chipped in; weighed in; butted in eingeworfen

interjects; interposes; interpolates; chimes in; chips in; weighs in; butts in wirft ein

interjected; interposed; interpolated; chimed in; chipped in; weighed in; butted in warf ein

I'd just like to chime/chip in, if I might. Ich möchte nur/mal kurz etwas einwerfen.

'He left hours ago' she interjected / interposed / interpolated / chipped in / weighed in. "Der ist längst weg.", warf sie ein.

to butt; to bunt [listen] [listen] stoßen {vt} (mit Hörnern) [listen]

butting; bunting stoßend

butted; bunted gestoßen

butts; bunts stößt

butted; bunted stieß
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