Dictionary - TU Chemnitz

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to be listed for preservation; to be a listed building/a protected tree; to be scheduled/classified as an ancient monument; to be under/subject of a preservation order [Br.]; to be listed on a historic register [Am.] unter Denkmalschutz stehen {vi}

location; situation [formal] (of a building/a settlement/a town) [listen] [listen] Lage {f} (eines Gebäudes/einer Siedlung/einer Stadt) [geogr.] [listen]

prime location; hundred percent location beste Lage; 1a-Lage

retail location Konsumlage {f}

exclusive location Luxuslage {f}

quality location; upscale location Niveaulage {f}

central / peripheral location of the station zentrale / periphere Bahnhofslage

a hotel in a quiet location; a hotel in a quiet neighbourhood ein Hotel in ruhiger Lage