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19 results for black-backed
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Black-backed jackal (canis mesomelas) Schabrackenschakal {m} [zool.]

Black-backed jackals Schabrackenschakale {pl}

black-backed fruit dove Weißkopf-Fruchttaube {f} [ornith.]

black-backed thornbill Schwarzrückenkolibri {m} [ornith.]

black-backed barbet Rosenbauch-Bartvogel {m} (Lybius minor) [ornith.]

black-backed woodpecker Schwarzrückenspecht {m} [ornith.]

black-backed antshrike Schwarzrücken-Ameisenwürger {m} [ornith.]

black-backed puffback Schneeballwürger {m} [ornith.]

black-backed forktail Schwarzrücken-Scherenschwanz {m} [ornith.]

black-backed robin Strauchschmätzer {m} [ornith.]

black-backed streaked honeyeater Streifenhonigfresser {m} [ornith.]

black-backed grosbeak Goldbauch-Kernknacker {m} [ornith.]

black-backed butcher bird Schwarzrücken-Würgatzel {f} [ornith.]

lesser black-backed gull Heringsmöwe {f} (Larus fuscus) [ornith.]

great black-backed gull Mantelmöwe {f} (Larus marinus) [ornith.]

wolves and jackals (zoological genus) Wölfe und Schakale {pl}; Wolfs- und Schakalartige {pl} (Canis) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

Ethiopian wolf; Abyssinian wolf; Abyssinian fox; red jackal; Simien fox; Simien jackal Äthiopischer Wolf; Äthiopischer Schakal; Abessinischer Fuchs [alt] (Canis simensis)

black-backed jackal Schabrackenschakal {m} (Canis mesomelas)

side-striped jackal Streifenschakal {m} (Canis adustus)

tanagers (zoological family) Tangaren {pl} (Thraupidae) (zoologische Familie) [ornith.]

yellow-winged tanager Abttangare {f}

blue-necked tanager Azurkopftangare {f}

blue & gold tanager Bangstangare {f}

blue-grey tanager Bischofstangare {f}

blue-whiskered tanager Blaubarttangare {f}

gilt-edged tanager Blaubrusttangare {f}

glaucous tanager Blauflecktangare {f}

black-headed tanager Blauflügeltangare {f}

red-necked tanager Blaukappentangare {f}

hooded mountain tanager Blaurücken-Bergtangare {f}

black & gold tanager Blauschultertangare {f}

blue-winged mountain tanager Blauschwingen-Bergtangare {f}

flame-coloured tanager Bluttangare {f}

brazilian tanager Brasiltangare {f}

scarlet-browed tanager Brauenschopftangare {f}

chestnut-bellied mountain tanager Braunbauch-Bergtangare {f}

buff-bellied tanager Braunbauchtangare {f}

fulvous shrike-tanager Braunbrust-Würgertangare {f}

brown-flanked tanager Braunflankentangare {f}

orange-eared tanager Braunohr-Bunttangare {f}

puerto rican tanager Brustfleckentangare {f}

azure-rumped tanager Cabanistangare {f}

Carmioli's tanager Carmioltangare {f}

diademed tanager Diademtangare {f}

green-headed tanager Dreifarbentangare {f}

spotted tanager Drosseltangare {f}

moss-backed tanager Edwardstangare {f}

magpie tanager Elstertangare {f}

flame-rumped tanager Feuerbürzeltangare {f}

common bush tanager Finkenbuschtangare {f}

crimson-collared tanager Flammentangare {f}

speckled tanager Fleckentangare {f}

white-banded tanager Flügelbindentangare {f}

brown tanager Fuchstangare {f}

blue & yellow tanager Furchentangare {f}

yellow-bellied tanager Gelbbauchtangare {f}

lemon-browed tanager Gelbbrauentangare {f}

yellow-backed tanager Gelbbürzeltangare {f}

yellow-throated bush tanager Gelbkehl-Buschtangare {f}

yellow-throated tanager Gelbkehltangare {f}

saffron-crowned tanager Gelbkopftangare {f}

yellow-rumped tanager Gelbrückentangare {f}

blue-capped tanager Gelbschenkeltangare {f}

yellow-crested tanager Gelbschopftangare {f}

white-winged shrike-tanager Gelbstirn-Würgertangare {f}

cinnamon tanager Gimpeltangare {f}

spangle-cheeked tanager Glanzfleckentangare {f}

yellow-scarfed tanager Goldbandtangare {f}

green & gold tanager Goldbrusttangare {f}

rufous-winged tanager Goldflügeltangare {f}

rust & yellow tanager Goldkappentangare {f}

golden-eared tanager Goldohrtangare {f}

gold-ringed tanager Goldringtangare {f}

golden-backed mountain tanager Goldrücken-Bergtangare {f}

golden-crowned tanager Goldscheiteltangare {f}

fulvous-crested tanager Goldschopftangare {f}

golden tanager Goldtangare {f}

dusky-bellied bush tanager Graubrust-Buschtangare {f}

ash-throated bush tanager Graukehl-Buschtangare {f}

grey-hooded bush tanager Graukopf-Buschtangare {f}

grey-headed tanager Graukopftangare {f}

sooty ant-tanager Graurücken-Ameisentangare {f}

grey-crowned palm tanager Grauscheitel-Palmtangare {f}

green-capped tanager Grünkappentangare {f}

green-throated tanager Grünkehltangare {f}

green-naped tanager Grünnackentangare {f}

bay-headed tanager Grüntangare {f}

guira tanager Guiratangare {f}

black-goggled tanager Haarschopftangare {f}

yellow-collared tanager Halsbandtangare {f}

flame-crested tanager Haubentangare {f}

black-capped tanager Heinetangare {f}

burnished-buff tanager Isabelltangare {f}

golden-collared tanager Jelskitangare {f}

red-crowned ant-tanager Karminameisentangare {f}

western tanager Kieferntangare {f}

ruby-crowned tanager Krontangare {f}

short-billed bush tanager Kurzschnabel-Buschtangare {f}

masked crimson tanager Maskentangare {f}

scarlet-bellied mountain tanager Mennigohr-Bergtangare {f}

vermilon tanager Mennigtangare {f}

Natterer's tanager Natterertangare {f}

ochre-breasted tanager Ockerbrusttangare {f}

rufous-crested tanager Ockerschopftangare {f}

olive-backed tanager Olivmanteltangare {f}

olive-green tanager Olivtangare {f}

opal-crowned tanager Opalscheiteltangare {f}

brassy-breasted tanager Orangebrusttangare {f}

orange-headed tanager Orangekopftangare {f}

palm tanager Palmentangare {f}

grey & gold tanager Palmertangare {f}

grass-green tanager Papageitangare {f}

Parodi's tanager Parodihemispingus {m}

scarlet-rumped tanager Passerinitangare {f}

chestnut-backed tanager Prachttangare {f}

purplish-mantled tanager Purpurmanteltangare {f}

golden-masked tanager Purpurmaskentangare {f}

silver-beaked tanager Purpurtangare {f}

rose-throated tanager Rosenkehltangare {f}

rufous-headed tanager Rostkappentangare {f}

fulvous-headed tanager Rostkopftangare {f}

opal-rumped tanager Rotbauchtangare {f}

scarlet-throated tanager Rotbrusttangare {f}

golden-chested tanager Rothschildtangare {f}

lesser antillean tanager Rotkappentangare {f}

red-throated ant-tanager Rotkehl-Ameisentangare {f}

rufous-throated tanager Rotkehltangare {f}

red-headed tanager Rotkopftangare {f}

golden-naped tanager Rotnackentangare {f}

glistening-green tanager Rotohr-Bunttangare {f}

scrub tanager Rotscheiteltangare {f}

red-shouldered tanager Rotschultertangare {f}

flame-faced tanager Rotstirntangare {f}

rufoud-cheeked tanager Rotwangentangare {f}

cherry-throated tanager Rubinkehltangare {f}

dusky-faced tanager Rußgesichttangare {f}

sayaca tanager Sayacatangare {f}

crimson-backed tanager Scharlachbauchtangare {f}

crested ant-tanager Scharlachhauben-Ameisentangare {f}

red-hooded tanager Scharlachkopftangare {f}

scarlet tanager Scharlachtangare {f}

slaty tanager Schiefertangare {f}

black-faced tanager Schleiertangare {f}

plain-coloured tanager Schlichttangare {f}

chat-tanager Schmätzertangare {f}

golden-chevroned tanager Schmucktangare {f}

swallow tanager Schwalbentangare {f}

tawny-crested tanager Schwarzachseltangare {f}

black-bellied tanager Schwarzbauchtangare {f}

black-chested tanager Schwarzbrust-Bergtangare {f}

masked tanager Schwarzbrusttangare {f}

hooded tanager Schwarzkappentangare {f}

black-throated shrike-tanager Schwarzkehl-Würgertangare {f}

black-chinned mountain tanager Schwarzkinn-Bergtangare {f}

black-backed tanager Schwarzmanteltangare {f}

metallic-green tanager Schwarznackentangare {f}

multicoloured tanager Schwarzohr-Bunttangare {f}

fawn-breasted tanager Schwarzrückentangare {f}

black-crowned palm tanager Schwarzscheitel-Palmtangare {f}

yellow-green bush tanager Schwarzstirn-Buschtangare {f}

white-lined tanager Schwarztangare {f}

black-cheeked ant-tanager Schwarzwangen-Ameisentangare {f}

black-cheeked mountain tanager Schwarzwangen-Bergtangare {f}

pirre bush tanager Schwarzwangen-Buschtangare {f}

scarlet & white tanager Seidenflankentangare {f}

paradise tanager Siebenfarbentangare {f}

buff-breasted mountain tanager Silberbrauen-Bergtangare {f}

blue-browed tanager Silberbrauentangare {f}

beryl-spangled tanager Silberfleckentangare {f}

silver-throated tanager Silberkehltangare {f}

silvery tanager Silbertangare {f}

sira tanager Siratangare {f}

emerald tanager Smaragdtangare {f}

summer tanager Sommertangare {f}

black & white tanager Spiegeltangare {f}

black-backed bush tanager Stolzmanntangare {f}

stripe-headed tanager Streifenkopftangare {f}

tacarcuna bush tanager Tacarcunabuschtangare {f}

lacrimose mountain tanager Tränenbergtangare {f}

white-shouldered tanager Trauertangare {f}

rose-breasted tanager Trupialtangare {f}

dotted tanager Tüpfeltangare {f}

turquoise tanager Türkistangare {f}

blue & black tanager Vassoritangare {f}

seven-coloured tanager Vielfarbentangare {f}

azure-winged tanager Violettschultertangare {f}

white-winged tanager Weißbindentangare {f}

pileated bush tanager Weißbrauen-Buschtangare {f}

white-rumped tanager Weißbürzeltangare {f}

white-capped tanager Weißkappentangare {f}

white-throated shrike-tanager Weißkehl-Würgertangare {f}

masked mountain tanager Wetmoretangare {f}

cone-billed tanager Witwentangare {f}

blue-backed tanager Ziertangare {f}

rufous-chested tanager Zimtbrusttangare {f}

chestnut-headed tanager Zimtkopftangare {f}

hepatic tanager Zinnobertangare {f}

black & yellow tanager Zitronentangare {f}

butcherbirds (zoological genus) Krähenwürger {pl} (Cracticus) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

grey butcherbird Graurücken-Krähenwürger {m} (Cracticus torquatus)

Australian magpie; black-backed magpie Flötenvogel {m} (Cracticus tibicen)

wagtails (zoological genus) Stelzen {pl} (Motacilla) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

white wagtail Bachstelze {f} (Motacilla alba)

pied wagtail Trauerbachstelze {f} (Motacilla alba yarrellii)

black-backed wagtail; Japanese pied wagtail Japanische Bachstelze {f} (Motacilla alba lugens)

grey wagtail Bergstelze {f}; Gebirgsstelze {f} (Motacilla cinerea)

Japanese wagtail Japanstelze {f} (Motacilla grandis)

Cape wagtail Kapstelze {f} (Motacilla capensis)

Madagascan wagtail Madagaskarstelze {f} (Motacilla flaviventris)

white-browed wagtail; large-pied wagtail Mamulastelze {f} (Motacilla maderaspatensis)

Mekong wagtail Mekongstelze {f} (Motacilla samveasnae)

mountain wagtail; long-tailed wagtail Langschwanzstelze {f} (Motacilla clara)

Western yellow wagtail Schafstelze {f} (Motacilla flava)

blue-headed wagtail Wiesenschafstelze {f} (Motacilla flava flava)

African pied wagtail Witwenstelze {f} (Motacilla aguimp)

citrine wagtail; yellow-headed wagtail Zitronenstelze {f} (Motacilla citreola)

cisticolas; fantail-warblers; tailor-birds (zoological genus) Zistensänger {pl}; Cistensänger {pl} (Cisticola) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

aberdare mountain cisticola; aberdare cisticola; aberdare grass-warbler Aberdarezistensänger {m} (Cisticola aberdare)

stout cisticola Amharazistensänger {m} (Cisticola robustus)

bubbling cisticola Angolazistensänger {m} (Cisticola bulliens)

red-headed cisticola Bergzistensänger {m} (Cisticola subruficapilla)

stout cisticola Blassbauchzistensänger {m} (Cisticola robustus)

pectoral-patch cisticola Blasskopfzistensänger {m} (Cisticola brunnescens)

Boran cisticola Boranzistensänger {m} (Cisticola bodessa)

piping cisticola; neddicky Braunkopfzistensänger {m} (Cisticola fulvicapilla)

cloud-scraping cisticola; dambo cisticola Dambozistensänger {m} (Cisticola dambo)

tiny cisticola Dornbuschzistensänger {m} (Cisticola nana)

Chubb's cisticola Farnzistensänger {m} (Cisticola chubbi)

foxy cisticola Fuchszistensänger {m} (Cisticola troglodytes)

Hunter's cisticola Gebirgszistensänger {m} (Cisticola hunteri)

golden-headed cisticola; bright-capped cisticola Goldkopfzistensänger {m} (Cisticola exilis)

ashy cisticola Grauzistensänger {m} (Cisticola cinereolus)

desert cisticola Kalahari-Zistensänger {m} (Cisticola aridulus)

short-winged cisticola; siffling cisticola Kurzflügezistensänger {m} (Cisticola brachypterus)

lazy cisticola Langschwanz-Zistensänger {m} (Cisticola aberrans)

Madagascar cisticola Madagaskarzistensänger {m} (Cisticola cherina)

trilling cisticola Miombozistensänger {m} (Cisticola woosnami)

churring cisticola Njombezistensänger {m} (Cisticola njombe)

Carruthers' cisticola Papyruszistensänger {m} (Cisticola carruthersi)

whistling cisticola Pfeifzistensänger {m} (Cisticola lateralis)

loud cisticola; tink-tink cisticola Pinkpinkzistensänger {m} (Cisticola textrix)

rufous cisticola Rostzistensänger {m}; Rotzistensänger {m} (Cisticola rufus)

red-faced cisticola Rotgesichtzistensänger {m} (Cisticola erythrops)

red-pate cisticola Rotkopfzistensänger {m} (Cisticola ruficeps)

rattling cisticola Rotscheitelzistensänger {m} (Cisticola chiniana)

grey cisticola; tinkling cisticola Rotschwanz-Zistensänger {m} (Cisticola rufilatus)

black-lored cisticola Schwarzbrauenzistensänger {m} (Cisticola nigriloris)

black-necked cisticola; black-backed cisticola Schwarzhalszistensänger {m} (Cisticola eximius)

winding cisticola Schwarzrückenzistensänger {m} (Cisticola marginatus)

slender-tailed cisticola Schwarzschwanzzistensänger {m} (Cisticola melanurus)

croaking cisticola Strichelzistensänger {m} (Cisticola natalensis)

chirping cisticola Sumpfzistensänger {m} (Cisticola pipiens)

long-tailed cisticola; Tabora cisticola Tabora-Zistensänger {m} (Cisticola angusticauda)

Tana river cisticola Tana-Zistensänger {m} (Cisticola restrictus)

wailing cisticola Trauerzistensänger {m} (Cisticola lais)

tinkling cisticola; Levaillant's cisticola Vleyzistensänger {m}; Uferzistensänger {m} (Cisticola tinniens)

chattering cisticola Waldzistensänger {m} (Cisticola anonymus)

singing cisticola Weißbrauenzistensänger {m} (Cisticola cantans)

zitting cisticola; streaked fantail warbler Zistensänger {m} (Cisticola juncidis)

wing-snapping cisticola; Ayres' cisticola Zwergzistensänger {m} (Cisticola ayresii)
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