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bellied bauchig; gewölbt; konvex {adj}

pot-bellied; potbellied dickbäuchig {adj}

cowardly; faint-hearted; chicken-hearted; chicken-livered; chicken; pigeon-hearted; yellow; craven [formal]; pusillanimous [formal]; gutless [coll.]; lily-livered [dated]; yellow-bellied [coll.] [dated] [listen] [listen] feige; feig; memmenhaft [geh.]; hasenfüßig [veraltet] {adj} [listen]

to be a chicken; to be yellow; to have no guts feige sein

This tour is not for the faint-hearted. Diese Tour ist nichts für Feiglinge / für schwache Nerven.

This film is not for the faint-hearted. Dieser Film ist nichts für schwache Nerven / für zarte Gemüter.

black dolphin; Chilean dolphin; Chilean black dolphin; white-bellied dolphin Chile-Delfin {m} (Cephalorhynchus eutropia) [zool.]

pot-bellied pig Hängebauchschwein {n} [zool.]

pot-bellied pigs Hängebauchschweine {pl}

Fraser's dolphin; Sarawak dolphin; shortsnout dolphin; Bornean dolphin; Fraser's porpoise; white-bellied dolphin Kurzschnabeldelfin {m} (Lagenodelphis hosei) [zool.]

fire-bellied toad Rotbauchunke {f} [zool.] (Bombina bombina)

fire-bellied toads Rotbauchunken {pl}

red-bellied squirrel; Sulawesi giant squirrel Sulawesi-Riesenhörnchen {n} (Rubrisciurus rubriventer) [zool.]

fire-bellied toads (zoological genus) Unken {pl}; Feuerkröten {pl} (Bombina) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

buff-bellied pipit Pazifikpieper {m} (Anthus rubescens) [ornith.]

black-bellied sandgrouse Sandflughuhn {n} (Pterocles orientalis) [ornith.]

white-bellied nothura Weißbauch-Steißhuhn {n} [ornith.]

white-bellied storm petrel Weißbauch-Strumschwalbe {f} [ornith.]

black-bellied storm petrel Schwarzbauch-Sturmschwalbe {f} [ornith.]

chestnut-bellied heron Speerreiher {m} [ornith.]

chestnut-bellied sparrow hawk Rotflankenhabicht {m} [ornith.]

grey-bellied goshawk Graubauchhabicht {m} [ornith.]

white-bellied sea eagle Weißbauch-Seeadler {m} [ornith.]

chestnut-bellied hawk eagle Rotbauchadler {m} [ornith.]

white-bellied chachalaca Weißbauchguan {m} [ornith.]

chestnut-bellied guan Rotbrustguan {m} [ornith.]

chestnut-bellied tree partridge Javabuschwachtel {f} [ornith.]

pale-bellied francolin Wacholderfrankolin {m} [ornith.]

chestnut-bellied rail Mangroveralle {f} [ornith.]

band-bellied crake Mandarinsumpfhuhn {n} [ornith.]

black-bellied bustard Schwarzbauchtrappe {f} [ornith.]

white-bellied bustard Senegaltrappe {f} [ornith.]

rufous-bellied seed snipe Rotbauch-Höhenläufer {m} [ornith.]

white-bellied seed snipe Weißbauch-Höhenläufer {m} [ornith.]

black-bellied tern Schwarzbauch-Seeschwalbe {f} [ornith.]

chestnut-bellied sandgrouse Braunbauch-Flughuhn {n} [ornith.]

chestnut-bellied pigeon Brenchleyfruchttaube {f} [ornith.]

rufous-bellied fruit pigeon Rotbauch-Fruchttaube {f} [ornith.]

white-bellied dove Jamaikataube {f} [ornith.]

buff-bellied dove Ockerbauchtaube {f} [ornith.]

white-bellied plumed pigeon Rotschopftaube {f} [ornith.]

orange-bellied fruit dove Orangebauch-Fruchttaube {f} [ornith.]

yellow-bellied pin-tailed gr.Pigeon Gelbbauch-Grüntaube {f} [ornith.]

yellow-bellied green pigeon Waaliataube {f} [ornith.]

purple-bellied lory Schwarzsteißlori {m} [ornith.]

red-bellied macaw Rotbauchara {m} (Orthopsittaca manilata) [ornith.]

orange-bellied parrot Goldbauchsittich {m} [ornith.]

white-bellied caique Rostkappenpapagei {m} [ornith.]

red-bellied parrot Rotbauch-Mohrenkopf {m} [ornith.]

maroon-bellied conure/parakeet; reddish-bellied conure/parakeet; brown-eared conure Braunohrsittich {m} (Pyrrhura frontalis) [ornith.]

crimson-bellied conure Rotbauchsittich {m} [ornith.]

purple-bellied parrot Blaubauchpapagei {m} [ornith.]

white-bellied go-away bird Weißbauch-Lärmvogel {m} [ornith.]

rufous-bellied coucal Ghanakuckuck {m} [ornith.]

chestnut-bellied cuckoo Regenkuckuck {m} [ornith.]

black-bellied cuckoo Schwarzbauchkuckuck {m} [ornith.]

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