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baby's-breaths (botanical genus) Gipskräuter {pl} (Gypsophila) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

panicled baby's-breath; baby's breath; common gypsophila Schleiergipskraut {n}; Schleierkraut {n}; Rispengipskraut {n}; Rispiges Gipskraut {n} (Gypsophila paniculata)

baby's tears; angel's tears; mind-your-own-business; peace-in-the-home Bubiköpfchen {n}; Bubikopf {m} (Soleirolia soleirolii) [bot.]

baby's sleeping back Strampelsack {m}

baby's sleeping backs Strampelsäcke {pl}

bedstraws (botanical genus) Labkräuter {pl} (Galium) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

roughfruit corn bedstraw; rough corn bedstraw; corn cleaver Dreihörniges Labkraut {n} (Galium tricornutum)

cleaver; cleaver's herb; cliver; catchweed; coachweed; goosegrass; stickywilly; stickyjack; stickyweed; stickyleaf; Robin-run-the-hedge Klettenlabkraut {n} (Galium aparine)

woodruff; sweet woodruff; wild baby's breath Waldmeister {m} (Galium odoratum)

fashion [listen] Mode {f} [textil.]

fashions Moden {pl}

baby's fashion Babymode {f}

ladies' fashion; fashion for women Damenmode {f}; Frauenmode {f}

men's fashion; fashion for men Herrenmode {f}; Männermode {f}

youth fashion Jugendmode {f}

children's fashion Kindermode {f}

branded fashion; designer fashion Markenmode {f}; Designermode {f}

to be in fashion; to be à la mode in Mode sein

to come into fashion Mode werden

to be back in fashion wieder in Mode sein; wieder modern sein; wieder in sein

to be on your way out langsam aus der Mode kommen

above-the-knee style; above-the-knee look kniefreie Mode {f}

nappy [Br.]; diaper [Am.]; didie [Am.] [coll.]; didy [Am.] [coll.]; napkin [Br.] [dated] [listen] [listen] Windel {f}

nappies; diapers; didies; napkins Windeln {pl}

disposable nappy [Br.]; disposable diaper [Am.] Einwegwindel {f}; Wegwerfwindel {f}

adult nappy [Br.]; adult diaper [Am.] Erwachsenenwindel [med.]

cloth nappy; cloth diaper Stoffwindel {f}

to put on a new / clean / fresh nappy; to put on a new / clean / fresh diaper einem Baby eine frische Windel anlegen

to change a/your baby's nappies; to change a/your baby's diapers; to diaper a baby [Am.] einem Baby die Windeln wechseln; ein Baby wickeln; ein Baby trockenlegen

to change nappies; to change diapers Windeln wechseln

tentative [listen] vorsichtig; zaghaft; zögernd {adj} [listen] [listen]

a tentative smile ein vorsichtiges Lächeln

the baby's first tentative steps die ersten zaghaften Schritte des Babys
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