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puffing (at auctions) Scheinbieten {n} (bei Auktionen)

puffer (at auctions) [listen] Scheinbieter {m} (bei Auktionen)

art auction Kunstauktion {f}

art auctions Kunstauktionen {pl}

public sale; auction [listen] (öffentliche) Versteigerung {f}; Auktion {f} [econ.]

public sales; auctions Versteigerungen {pl}; Auktionen {pl}

fish auction Fischauktion {f}

silent auction stille Auktion/Versteigerung

mock auction Scheinauktion {f}

to offer sth. for auction etw. zur Versteigerung anbieten

compulsory auction; auction ordered by the court; forced sale; sale by court order; sale under an execution; sale of property taken in execution; foreclosure sale (of morgaged property) [Am.]; execution sale [Am.] Zwangsversteigerung {f}; Gant {f} [Schw.] [jur.]

compulsory auctions; auction ordered by the courts; forced sales; sale by court orders; sale under an executions; sales of property taken in execution; foreclosure sales; execution sales Zwangsversteigerungen {pl}; Ganten {pl}

order for judicial sale Anordnung der Zwangsversteigerung

when there is a deficiency on a judicial sale bei Ausfall in der Zwangsversteigerung

to auction; to auction off [listen] versteigern {vt}

auctioning off versteigernd

auctioned off versteigert

auctions off versteigert

auctioned off versteigerte

auction for construction machines Baumaschinenauktion {f} [mach.]

auctions for construction machines Baumaschinenauktionen {pl}