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schedule of assemblies Baugruppen-Belegungsplan {m} [mach.]

termination assemblies Endgehäuse {n}

automobile assemblies Automobilaufbauten {pl} [auto]

axle assembly Achsaggregat {n} [auto]

axle assemblies Achsaggregate {pl}

shaft assembly Achsenpaket {n} [techn.]

shaft assemblies Achsenpakete {pl}

drive assembly; drive unit; drive system Antriebseinheit {f}; Antrieb {m} (Baugruppe) [mach.] [listen]

drive assemblies; drive units; drive systems Antriebseinheiten {pl}; Antriebe {pl}

assembly; structural component; assembly unit; assy; ass'y [coll.] [listen] Baugruppe {f}; Aggregat {n} [listen]

assemblies; structural components; assembly units [listen] Baugruppen {pl}; Aggregate {pl}

fuel element; fuel assembly (nuclear engineering) Brennelement {n} (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

fuel elements; fuel assemblies Brennelemente {pl}

spent fuel (element) abgebrannte Brennelemente

failed element; burst slug schadhaftes Brennelement

to decan/declad fuel elements Brennelemente enthülsen/enthüllen

burner swirl-vane assembly; burner air swirler Brennerdralleinrichtung {f} [mach.]

burner swirl-vane assemblies; burner air swirlers Brennerdralleinrichtungen {pl}

burner head assembly; burner tip assembly (metallurgy) Brennerkopf {m} (Metallurgie) [techn.]

burner head assemblies; burner tip assemblies Brennerköpfe {pl}

radioshielding assembly; radioshielding unit Entstörgeschirr {n} [auto] [electr.]

radioshielding assemblies; radioshielding units Entstörgeschirre {pl}

spring assembly Federpaket {n} [techn.]

spring assemblies Federpakete {pl}

cable form [Br.]; cable harness [Am.]; cable tree; loom of cables/wires; wire harness; wire assembly Kabelbaum {m} [electr.]

cable forms; cable harnesses; cable trees; looms of cables/wires; wire harnesses; wire assemblies Kabelbäume {pl}

cable clamp assembly Kabelhalterung {f}

cable clamp assemblies Kabelhalterungen {pl}

chain return sprocket wheel assembly Kettenumlenkstation {f} [mach.]

chain return sprocket wheel assemblies Kettenumlenkstationen {pl}

nut-and-washer assembly Kombimutter {f} [techn.]

nut-and-washer assemblies Kombimuttern {pl}

screw-and-washer assembly; screw-and-washer assy Kombischraube {f} [techn.]

screw-and-washer assemblies; screw-and-washer assies Kombischrauben {pl}

automatic contact assembly Kontaktbestückungsautomat {m} [techn.]

automatic contact assemblies Kontaktbestückungsautomaten {pl}

air-spring assembly; pneumatic spring system Luftfedersystem {n} [auto]

air-spring assemblies; pneumatic spring systems Luftfedersysteme {pl}

yoke assembly Spulensatz {m} [electr.]

yoke assemblies Spulensätze {pl}

wing assembly; wing unit Tragwerk {n}; Tragwerkzelle {f}; Flügelzelle {f} [aviat.]

wing assemblies; wing units Tragwerke {pl}; Tragwerkzellen {pl}; Flügelzellen {pl}

plenary assembly; plenary meeting; plenary session Vollversammlung {f}; Plenarversammlung {f}; Plenarsitzung {f}

plenary assemblies; plenary meetings; plenary sessions Vollversammlungen {pl}; Plenarversammlungen {pl}; Plenarsitzungen {pl}

ignition advance assembly Zündversteller {m} [auto]

ignition advance assemblies Zündversteller {pl}

assembly [listen] Baueinheit {f} [techn.]

assemblies [listen] Baueinheiten {pl}

district assembly Bezirksversammlung {f}

district assemblies Bezirksversammlungen {pl}
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