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armature Anker {m}; Läufer {m} [electr.] [listen]

closed slot armature Anker mit geschlossenen Nuten

stationary armature; fixed armature ruhender Anker; feststehender Anker

retaining ring of the armature Tragring des Ankers

armature; brace (lock) [listen] Beschlag {m}; Armatur {f} (Schloss)

armatures; braces [listen] Beschläge {pl}; Armaturen {pl}

armature range Ankerbereich {m} [electr.]

armature core Ankerblechpaket {n} [electr.]

armature endplate; armature head Ankerdruckplatte {f}; Abschlusskopfdruckplatte {f}; Abschlussblech {n} [electr.]

armature endplates; armature heads Ankerdruckplatten {pl}; Abschlusskopfdruckplatten {pl}; Abschlussbleche {pl}

armature ampere-turns; armature flux Ankerdurchflutung {f} [electr.]

armature flux density Ankerflussdichte {f} [electr.]

armature reaction Ankergegenwirkung {f} [electr.]

armature tester; growler Ankerprüfgerät {n}; Prüfspule {f} [electr.]

armature testers; growlers Ankerprüfgeräte {pl}; Prüfspulen {pl}

armature quadrative-axis field Ankerquerfeld {n} [electr.]

armature coil Ankerspule {f}

armature coils Ankerspulen {pl}

armature current Ankerstrom {m} [electr.]

path of the armature circuit Ankerstromzweig {m}

armature spindle; rotor shaft Ankerwelle {f}

armature spindles; rotor shafts Ankerwellen {pl}

armature resistance Ankerwiderstand {m} [electr.]

armature resistances Ankerwiderstände {pl}

armature winding Ankerwicklung {f} [electr.]

armature windings Ankerwicklungen {pl}

armature tooth Ankerzahn {m} [electr.]

armature work Ankerarbeiten {pl} [techn.]

armature drill carriage Ankerbohrwagen {m} [auto] [mach.]

armature aggregates Armaturenaggregate {pl} [mach.]

armature manufacturing Armaturenfertigung {f} [techn.] [mach.]

armature questions Armaturenfragen {f} [techn.]

armature production Armaturenherstellung {f} [techn.]

armature industry Armaturenindustrie {f} [techn.]

armature service Armaturenservice {m} [econ.]

armature stations Armaturenstationen {pl} [techn.]

armature technology Armaturentechnik {f} [techn.]

armature part Armaturteil {n} [techn.]

armature parts Armaturteile {pl}

bundling of armature laminations Blechen {n}; Paketieren {n} [electr.]

bell-type armature Glockenanker {m} [electr.]

magnectic armature (loudspeakers) Magnetplatte {f} des Magnetsystems (Lautsprecher) (Audio)

relay armature; relay keeper Relaisanker {m} [electr.]

relay armatures; relay keepers Relaisanker {pl}

ring armature; wound armature Ringanker {m} [electr.]

ring armatures; wound armatures Ringanker {pl}

armature Skelett {n} [techn.]

spider-type armature Speichenanker {m} [electr.]

spider-type armatures Speichenanker {pl}

ignition armature Zündanker {m} [auto]

pressboard; presspahn; glazed pressboard; glazed board Pressspan {m}; Glanzpappe {f}

pressboard for armature slot; presspahn for armature slot Nutenpressspan {m}

imitation pressboard Pressspanersatz {m}

to attract sth. etw. anziehen; etw. an sich ziehen {vt} [electr.] [phys.] [übtr.]

attracting anziehend; an sich ziehend

attracted [listen] angezogen; an sich gezogen [listen]

to attract a relay armature einen Relaisanker anziehen [electr.]

to attract particles Partikel an sich ziehen

The group wants to attract the demand emanating from this target group. Der Konzern will die Nachfrage dieser Zielgruppe an sich ziehen.
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