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newspaper designated for mandatory announcements by stock exchange issuers Börsenpflichtblatt {n}; Börsepflichtblatt {n} [Ös.] [fin.]

announcement [listen] Ankündigung {f} [listen]

announcements Ankündigungen {pl}

voice mail announcement; announcement (telephone answering function) [listen] Ansage {f} (Telefonanrufbeantworterfunktion) [telco.]

voice mail announcements; announcements Ansagen {pl}

public announcement Durchsage {f}

public announcements Durchsagen {pl}

public address announcement (öffentliche) Lautsprecherdurchsage {f}

radio announcement Radiodurchsage {f}

traffic announcement Verkehrsdurchsage {f}

delay announcement Durchsage über eine Verspätung

floor announcement (in a lift) Etagenansage {f} (im Aufzug)

floor announcements Etagenansagen {pl}

announcement of birth Geburtsanzeige {f}

announcements of birth Geburtsanzeigen {pl}

wedding announcement Hochzeitsanzeige {f}

wedding announcements Hochzeitsanzeigen {pl}

special announcement Sondermeldung {f}

special announcements Sondermeldungen {pl}

job advertisement; job ad; employment ad; job announcement [Am.] Stellenanzeige {f}; Stellenausschreibung {f}

job advertisements; job ads; employment ads; job announcements; job/position openings Stellenanzeigen {pl}; Stellenausschreibungen {pl}

announcement about a missing/wanted person Suchmeldung {f}

announcements about missing/wanted persons Suchmeldungen {pl}

death announcement Trauerbrief {m}; Trauerparte {f} [Ös.]; Partezettel {m} [Ös.]; Parte {f} [Ös.]; Trauerzirkular {n} [Schw.]; Leidzirkular {n} [Schw.]

death announcements Trauerbriefe {pl}