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institution for alcoholics [Br.]; asylum for alcoholics/inebriates [Am.] Trinkerheilanstalt {f} [med.]

institutions for alcoholics; asylums for alcoholics/inebriates Trinkerheilanstalten {pl}

to place sb. in an institution for alcoholics jdn. in einer Trinkerheilanstalt unterbringen

to commit sb. to an institution for alcoholics jdn. in eine Trinkerheilanstalt einweisen

alcohol dependent [med.]; alcoholic; alky [coll.]; alkie [coll.] Alkoholabhängiger {m} [med.]; Alkoholsüchtiger {m} [med.]; Trunksüchtiger {m} [med.]; Potator {m} [med.]; Alkoholiker {m}; Alki {m} [ugs.]

alcohol dependents; alcoholics; alkies Alkoholabhängige {pl}; Alkoholsüchtige {pl}; Trunksüchtige {pl}; Potatoren {pl}; Alkoholiker {pl}; Alkis {pl}

Alcoholics Anonymous /AA/ die anonymen Alkoholiker

dipsomaniac periodisch Trunksüchtiger [med.]